What Do Our Customers Like Most About Our Removals Service?

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here are many great things about living in London. One thing’s for sure – if you need a service, you’ll have plenty of options in the capital. And for anyone moving to a new home, you’re spoiled for choice. This is where the solution can also be the problem – how do you know which movers to work with?

People sometimes opt for the lowest price, which will only occasionally lead to the best outcome. Balance is everything; customer service and a proven track record are the keys to a positive moving experience. At Gentleman & A Van, we proudly state that we tick both boxes. Don’t take our word for it – read our latest five-star reviews from Google.


  • The Importance of Arriving on Time for Relocations

  • Flexibility and Tailoring Removal Packages for Individual Needs

  • Receiving Referrals from Satisfied Customers Makes our Day

  • Gentleman’s Moving Team Have the Expertise and Equipment for Every Job

  • National and European Long-Distance Removals Available

  • From Your First Call to Unpacking the Last Box, We’re with You for the Whole Relocation

  • Gentleman & A Van – South West London’s Favourite Removal and Storage Experts

The Importance of Arriving on Time for Relocations

“We used [G]entleman and a van for our recent house move and they were fantastic. The guys were on time, friendly, helpful and very quick to load and unload our boxes and furniture. I would highly recommend!” – Jocelyn Heins via Google Reviews

If you’re new to relocating, you’ll likely skip over things like the movers turning up on time. From a removal company perspective, we often receive feedback from customers when their moving providers were hours late or didn’t pitch up at all. It’s a more common occurrence than we’d like to admit.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this when booking with Gentleman & A Van. We agree on timings in full, including arrival and completion. That way, everyone’s on the same wavelength, and we can identify potential areas for concern in the planning stages. We put more emphasis on preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Flexibility and Tailoring Removal Packages for Individual Needs

“Lucia and Josh moved me and they were excellent. careful and considerate. Billie-Jane was my sales rep. [S]he is very knowledgeable and experienced. [S]he can adapt the service to your needs.” – Adam Dal Bello via Google Reviews.

o two moves are the same. We approach every removal job with an open mind, even for seemingly typical situations. Two properties with four bedrooms and the same number of additional rooms. But one person has antique furniture that requires extra packaging. And the other house has access restrictions, so we can’t use larger moving vans.

That’s what sets us apart from the other moving companies. We can adapt our existing range of services to accommodate specific requirements, regardless of how unusual they are. And we have storage options available for people who need to relocate in stages, which is often the case for international moves.

Receiving Referrals from Satisfied Customers Makes our Day

“The entire team at Gentleman & A Van have been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the team in the office who dealt with my booking to the removal team on the day, the entire move was seamless. I’ve already started recommending them to my friends! Moving house is stressful but using Gentleman & A Van meant that the physical move was the easiest bit of the process.” – Felicity Garrard via Google Reviews

We know from experience that every stage of the moving process can be chaotic. People rarely have the luxury of stopping everything from organising their relocation. It ends up being a juggling act between family time, work duties, and trying to piece the move together when you have a spare minute. Finding a reliable removal company is crucial – you can confidently delegate duties.

The Gentleman team are proud of our Google Reviews, but not because we like to boast. It’s a measurement of how quality management and whether we’re meeting them. We know that excellence happens when you continuously strive to go above and beyond for our customers. That’s why we’re a five-star removal and storage provider and intend to be for many years.

Gentleman’s Moving Team Have the Expertise and Equipment for Every Job

“Perfect service from beginning to end. No problems with complicated pieces, packaging and location on arrival. Cheerful capable crew who went the extra mile and were incredibly patient and professional throughout. Would use again without a moment’s hesitation.” – Drew Ackroyd via Google Reviews.  

Moving house is like peeling an onion. It has many layers; if you don’t prepare well, it can end in tears. Take bulky or awkward furniture as an example. You might have an oak bed in the family for generations. Built to last and nearly impossible to dismantle without causing damage. And that’s only one piece amongst several that are a cause for concern.

This is where expert assessment is necessary. Gentleman works with time-served removal assessors, and we often do onsite evaluations for tricky jobs. We have top-notch removal equipment ideal for limited access points and furniture that needs to remain assembled. In these situations, it’s better to leave it to the experts.

National and European Long-Distance Removals Available

“We used Gentleman & A Van for our move London to Suffolk.  We were very impressed with their professional approach and courteous staff, they were punctual and efficient in all areas. Slightly dreading our move, we had a very positive experience with this company and would have no hesitation in recommending them.” – R Jenkins via Google Reviews. 

All relocations are challenging, but some circumstances take things to the next level. One of them is distance. Relating to a new region or country is inevitably more complex than a ten-mile inter-London move. But this doesn’t need to be your problem – you only need a reputable moving company.

With the other complications of long-distance moves, you’ll have more than enough on your plate. That might be new schools, healthcare, or even a new language. While tackling all that, you can rely on us to handle the removal and storage duties.

From Your First Call to Unpacking the Last Box, We’re with You for the Whole Relocation

“There is no doubt that Gentleman & A Van came to our rescue.  From start to finish, they really guided us through a complex house move.   The team worked above and beyond to pack up hundreds of boxes, transport them securely, store larger items separately, and unpack all the items at the other end.  The Team were so professional and respectful of our possessions.  We were particularly pleased that all the boxes and packing materials could be re-used rather than wasted.  I would definitely recommend your services to friends and family.  Thank you.” – Alexandra Collini via Google Reviews. 

The Gentleman & A Van team are here to assist you from start to finish of your relocation. A premium removal service doesn’t begin and end with packing and unpacking boxes. We’re here to keep your planning on track with prompts and reminders. It’s in everyone’s interests to ensure you’re ready, including our needs.

Everything goes smoother with a good amount of preparation. We’ll send some insider tips for creating a moving checklist and people you must contact to update your address. And when your moving day arrives, we’ll oversee all the packing duties, including separating fragile items to avoid breakages.

Gentleman & A Van – South West London’s Favourite Removal and Storage Experts

We have a saying at Gentleman & A Van – a premium service, but never a premium price. Our philosophy is to provide excellent customer care and service delivery. And we believe getting the best of both worlds for value and high standards is possible. You don’t have to compromise and choose one or the other.

Whether moving from Wimbledon to Putney or further away to Scotland, we have the right service for your requirements. We take customer service seriously because it’s the reason behind our success. Gentleman receives frequent recommendations from happy customers who refer us to their family and friends.

If you’re moving soon and want the best value for money, click here, and we’ll begin assessing your relocation. We’ll give you a rundown of the most suitable moving package, and you’ll receive a free, no-obligation quote.