What Are The Health Benefits Of Moving House?

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We hear so much about the perils, vagaries, pitfalls and drawbacks of moving house, from nervous exhaustion and dehydration to gazumping and gazundering, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a near-lethal course of action. Read too much of this fear-mongering and naysaying and you might end up rooted to the spot, unable to countenance so much as moving to the end of the street, let alone to a different area or county. But what about the other side of the story? Because, yes, there really are health benefits to moving, and we don’t hear nearly enough about them. And there’s an important caveat about the health drawbacks of moving, too – without exception, they’re all needless. There’s absolutely no good reason why, with the right precautions in place, you should ever experience a single one of them. Many of the health advantages, on the other hand, come to you whether or not you’ve sought them. Let’s take a closer look and find out just how many ways moving house can refresh you in both mind and body.

1. Is Moving to a New Place Good for Mental Health?
2. Why is Moving House Good for You?
3. How Does Moving Improve Mental Health
4. How Can Moving Benefit You Physically?

Is Moving to a New Place Good for Mental Health?

There are many aspects of moving that can, indeed, provide a boost to mental health. Some partly dependant on the specifics of your circumstances. For example, if your move happens to be from renting to owning, you’ll be leaving a space over whose appearance and interior design you had little influence to one that can take on all your aesthetic preferences. If you’re moving from sharing with friends and all the compromises that entails to inhabiting a flat or house on your own or as part of a couple, you will experience a similar sense of newfound autonomy in your new space.

And the fresh-start aspect of moving should not be underestimated. It’s a remarkably uplifting sensation and can even bring about a significant diminution in depression. You could be leaving a home whose every walls speak of your regrets, a place that is weighted down with history and mixed memories. Now, however, you’re somewhere not haunted by your past. A happier future and a healed self could await you.

Of course, a move isn’t all about being indoors, and if you’re moving to a new village, town or city, you’ll come into contact with new people, new cultural experiences, new activities, new countrysides or cityscapes, new ideas. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t be refreshed psychologically by such changes, even if some of them seem daunting at first. Some of the mental-health benefits can only be accessed if we’re able to venture something of ourselves. Without doing so, a new environment where we’re less familiar and less embedded can be isolating and lonely. It would be flippant and disingenuous to imply that we simply move and then reap all kinds of psychological rewards. Some of them have to be sought, whether that’s by consciously risking new social connections, joining societies and groups, or making sure we keep our old ones alive, even if they’re now at a greater distance.

Why is Moving House Good for You?

It’s not just a matter of the uplift we can experience from increased autonomy and new experience; some of the actual chores of a move can brighten our psychological perspective. Not least of these is the enforced decluttering a move almost always involves. Those years of accumulated possessions, taking up more and more space, come with a toll. They can start to feel oppressive. Once you’re engaged in the process of putting an old house up for sale and acquiring a new one (or the renting equivalent of that process), you have no option but to deal with every last item – even the ones you’ve crammed into recesses and the backs of cupboards, hoping never to have to deal with. However unpleasant the undertaking might be at the very start, it will pay off with a remarkably clarifying mental effect as you purge yourself of the things you don’t need to take with you and slim down your inventory until you only have the items you care about and/or need. It’s impossible to emerge from such a process without feeling much, much better.

How Does Moving Improve Health?

Despite the widely disseminated and debatable rigours and difficulties of moving, from the fears it can awaken to the temporarily disrupted sleep some people report experiencing, there’s a lot to like about moving. And if you move with the help of a long-established and reputable company, such as Gentleman & A Van, much of the arduousness is taken off your shoulders, leaving you freer to savour the benefits. Sometimes, we overlook the way in which a house move puts us in a place of very healthy self-reflection. We evaluate our life-so-far, our accomplishments, our needs and wants. We may develop a more clear-eyed sense of our desires and ambitions or, in turn, find that they become more tempered and that other things are now more important to us. Reflecting deeply on life as we bid fond adieu to one home and bonjour to another is its own reward. It allows us to have a more defined sense of our place in the world and to understand what it is that we most value and appreciate. It’s a chance to reconsider some of our attitudes and fixed ideas. Just as we will be rearranging furniture in our rooms, so our mental furniture can be reconsidered and put in an improved layout. It’s like stepping into a new phase of our adulthood.

How Can Moving House Benefit You Physically?

While the demands of moving house, when you’re doing your own packing and lifting, will almost certainly elevate fitness and assist with muscle tone, there’s a multitude of subtler ways that moving house can improve your physical health. You might, for example, be moving from an area with little local infrastructure which has meant constantly driving yourself from A to B, to a city where everything can be walked and where there’s plentiful opportunity for exercise. And if you’re upsizing, perhaps moving somewhere with a bigger garden and a better kitchen, this could revolutionise your fitness. In a larger kitchen, you could well feel more inclined to cook rather than use takeaway services, and a better garden might inspire you to grow vegetables, herbs and salad leaves, as well as giving you a good work-outs. A ScienceDirect report confirms that, in addition to the physical demands of gardening, the pleasure people get from it also uplifts their health and wellbeing.

These are far from the only examples of how moving house could revolutionise your health. Consider, also, how much you’ll benefit if you’re moving from a pokey, ill-lit flat to one with large windows that get direct sunlight. This will equate to more vitamin D, lower levels of depression and healthier sleep. You may also reap rewards if you’re moving to a modern property, since these are more likely to have decent soundproofing, meaning you’re no longer at the mercy of antisocial neighbours.