Using a High-End Removals Service for Collections and Deliveries of Valuable Goods

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People who own high-end goods-based businesses know it can be a headache to organise suitable collections and deliveries. Many end up taking it on themselves because of previous issues with breakages or tardy delivery providers. However, in-house systems can be expensive and require a dedicated driver or someone from your team. Is there another option for companies in South West London?

Gentleman & A Van offers a premium collections and deliveries service, covering Greater London and the neighbouring counties. We have experience handling valuables and fragile items. This gives us the expertise you need for your valuable products. We’ll ensure everything is in perfect condition when your customer receives it and in a timeous manner. 

High-End Range of Removals Services in South West London –

If someone who runs a boutique or another high-end enterprise needs local distribution, why use a removals company? The answer falls under two competencies: packing and handling. A premium level moving and storage provider will have collective expertise for correctly handling, packing and transporting valuable items.

At Gentleman & A Van, our removal’s team handle valuable, sometimes irreplaceable items daily. And you only get one shot at it, which means there’s no margin for error. Everything has to be executed with precision, and this requires planning and consummate knowledge of how to pack things correctly.

We can take over your local distribution for all types of goods, including warehousing, via our storage facility. This streamlined service is an efficient and cost-effective way for your business to outsource your collections and deliveries. You’ll be able to get on with the important tasks at hand while we provide a vital link between you and your customers.

Collections and Deliveries from Auction Houses and Art Galleries –

Now you have some background on how a removal company can perform distribution service, let’s add some context. Items from auction houses and art galleries require specialist care and attention when moving and transporting to the buyer’s home. This goes beyond careful handling as it’s necessary to utilise expert knowledge of positioning and packing.

An example springs to mind regarding artwork and avoiding certain packing materials. If someone uses incorrect packaging while wrapping the piece of art, it can damage the paint. The protective packaging needs to be non-stick and suitable for the specific paint type. Can you imagine a customer receiving a priceless piece of art, only to find smudges!

It doesn’t bear thinking about, and you won’t have to worry about these issues with Gentleman & A Van. We have decades of collective experience in collecting, transporting, and delivering high-end artwork and antiques. There’s no job too big or small – we can move single pieces all the way up to entire exhibits or auction lots. We have a fleet of vehicles of all sizes to get the job done, on time and to perfection.

Removals for Grand Pianos and All Types of Musical Instruments –

Have you ever tried moving with a grand piano? If the answer’s no, consider yourself lucky! It’s crucial for business owners working with grand pianos and instruments of a similar repute to work with professional movers. It’s not for the faint of heart and might give anyone a nervous disposition. Fortunately, you need not worry as we have done this a hundred times and more.

Gentleman & A Van has a dedicated grand piano removals service that applies to any prestige musical instrument. Not only are these treasures challenging to install and move, but they’re also expensive and easily damaged. It’s inconceivable to think of a Steinway or Bechstein enduring the travesty of a scratch or dent. But that’s a possibility when using lesser removals providers for your collections and deliveries.

That’s why people who own these beautiful creations work with us because they know the quality of service they can expect. We have a proven track record for specialist services like moving grand pianos and other niche items. It’s our attention to detail and superior knowledge of what we’re moving that makes the difference.

Gentleman’s Packing Service and Exceptional Handling Skills –

We touched on this in an earlier section, but it’s worth going over again to highlight some of the critical points. The reason we manage to get excellent results when moving valuable objects is a combination of positioning and packing. It’s the secret to a successful transit with no damage or breakages, and it’s something only the best removers understand.

It might sound trivial, but something seemingly unimportant as using a particular packaging could have dire consequences. Typically, the surfaces of art and antiques are prone to damage and require delicate handling at every stage of a move. Additionally, certain plastics might not be adhesive, but they might cause moisture.

That’s why you’ll need our expert packing proficiency for your high-end goods. We understand the importance of positioning the pieces in our removal’s van to avoid any contact between objects during transport. Gentleman & A Van can handle anything from a crystal chandelier to an antique harp. You’re in safe hands when you partner with us for your distribution needs.

Excellent Customer Service with Online Review Platforms –

How does one go about booking a service to receive excellent customer service? The simple answer is by reading online reviews for any possible removals company. This is a smart way of checking up on a company before parting with your money. It might sound daunting, and people tend to have an aversion to additional homework, but this is a relatively painless experience.

A customer gives a service provider a score out of five—one for abysmal and five for outstanding. And there’s no guesses for where GMV sits on this scale. People also leave helpful reviews to give context to their rating, and Google Reviews, Trustpilot, and Facebook are notable platforms.

Gentleman & A Van enjoys lots of five-star reviews, leading to return clients who use us for other services or as regular partners. This is because of our exemplary service delivery, and we aim to go above and beyond on every booking. Furthermore, we have a Quality Policy protocol to give our customers an additional assurance of excellent customer service.

Gentleman & A Van London – You Can Entrust Us with Your Valuable Goods –

It’s a tough job running a premium business in London. With so many companies vying for your money, it can be a struggle to rely on someone for collections and deliveries. Now you won’t have to – Gentleman & A Van will gladly take this over for you. And by linking this with our self storage packages, you’ll have a high-quality distribution and warehousing system in place.

Gentleman & A Van has a selection of vehicles at our disposal which means we can scale from smaller to big jobs with ease. There will always be experts handling your precious goods from each point in the distribution chain. We’ll update you after every successful transaction to keep you up to date. You won’t find a better standard of service in South West London or surrounding areas.

For any owner of a high-end goods business in London, you’ll need to partner with a reputable company for your collections and deliveries. Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through our range of business services.