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London’s ornate architectural crucible is the melting pot for so many cultures and enterprises.  Over centuries this metropolis has been the haven for many to start new lives, attracted by its opportunity and hospitality.  With over 8 millions trees in London, there is breathing space, despite development.  Extensive parks across the city make up 47% of the city, including the wild Richmond Park with free-roaming deer.  As gentrification has swept through areas of East and South London neighbourhoods swiftly change and more aspirational places to live develop.  Gentleman & a Van have been helping Londoners move their homes and businesses in the capital over the last two decades.  We have seen areas rise in popularity and our business is expanding alongside demand.  For a creative look at the future of London check out Chatham House’s think tanks view of how London will develop in the next epochs. 

Five things people love about London

Although these five aspects of the city are greatly appreciated by visitors, they are what embolden the love and pride of a Londoner over time.  Some of the greatest works of art and fiction have been forged in this city and there are plenty of blue plaques to remind you of the watermarks of the great minds of London past. 

1. Architecture

An ancient city with modern developments is the symbol of our current moment in time.  London is visually demonstrative of history and modernity in one unfolding synthesis. This is what captivates people’s hearts and imaginations. Plus, it continues to inspire great new architecture to be added to the skyline. 

2. Museums and Galleries

Free museums and galleries add a whole cultural dimension to city life in London.  With a plethora of free places to go when it’s (probably) raining, or to seek solace and inspiration, access to culture is not exclusive to the wealthy. This inclusivity and freedom is part of the Western ethos of freedom and democracy and is available for all. 

3. Green Spaces 

Though times have changed and now you will only encounter dog walkers and not highway men, the vaster spaces of older London can still be felt in many various parks and open spaces.  From Blackheath to Chiswick Park, these green spaces are also historically rich and culturally interesting.  Hampstead Heath is a world in itself and all the Royal Parks of London thread the city together. 

4. Multi-Cultural 

Home to many different cultures over time, London is a place for everybody.  There is even a Multicultural London English, which is a sociolect of English that recently emerged.   Over 200 different languages are spoken in the capital of this small island. Art and ethnicity form part of the London cultural melting pot and this adds to the energy and diversity of the city.  To illustrate, approximately a third of Londoners were born abroad.  A meeting ground of all nationalities, all finding a similar identity within the broader mantle of the city. 

5. River 

A river seals the romance in a city, and the South Bank is the perfect example of art and life on the riverbanks.  The Thames is a continual source of inspiration in English literature and in developing art. Whether you enjoy the river in the heart of the city or further out at Richmond, Teddington or Kingston it is another wonderful resource for Londoners.   It is no wonder Samuel Johnson is famous for saying “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”. Samuel Johnson felt that in 1777 and many Londoners can confirm that the London spirit is still alive and kicking.  Walking along the banks of the Thames can evoke a timelessness even as glass buildings crowd the skyline. For those that appreciate life on the water, the Thames offers living opportunities on marinas, as well as a host of water-related sports and rowing. 

Battersea Power Station  

The new development of the Battersea Power station combines many of these five aspects in London.  Gentrification on this side of the South Bank and Nine Elms is bringing a new dynamic residential space to the riverside.  Our in -depth guide to the development explores this in more detail.  As residential and workspaces are redefined in the post-pandemic era, districts are dynamised and become more aspirational.  Flexibility is key to developing and maintaining service in these transitional times and we are happy to be expanding our Gentleman & a Van depot into this vibrant new place.  As residents move to the riverside from overseas, we can share our expertise and guide their process expertly.  Additionally, as Londoners feel the call to move to this area, we have a range of services and packages which can assist them.  Located in the heart of Battersea, we can assist a range of small businesses and provide swift service to our more bespoke clients that work in the centre of the city. 

Popular residential areas in London 

In the last fifteen years, we have moved many young professionals and families to Clapham and Wandsworth.  Particularly after the pandemic, we have seen how the green spaces of Clapham have become a magnet for Londoners who are seeking a sense of the rural within the city’s zones.  Our guide to Clapham focuses on this in more detail.  As the pandemic has shaped people’s priorities, we see boroughs like Fulham increasing in popularity as they have green spaces and there is plenty of opportunities for riverside exercise and wellness.   Up-and-coming areas like Camberwell still have a mixture of students and artists while they grow popular with young professionals.  From Brixton to Mortlake Gentleman and a Van are committed to bringing a level of customer service to the industry which is unsurpassed.  With depots in both Wimbledon and Battersea, and three types of storage services we can provide solutions for any removal and storage situation in London.  Our services cover a host of London areas. 

 London’s premier removals and storage service

Gentleman and a Van was founded on the ethos of excellence in customer service.  We take pride in going the extra mile to distinguish our service from other removals and storage companies. Over the last fifteen years we have established a loyal customer base who appreciate quality service.  Check out our reviews to get the picture.  When it comes to handling fine art, artifacts, and valuables our team is highly trained, discreet, and efficient.  Our variety of vehicles, team members and storage packages allow us to create bespoke and flexible solutions that fit your situation personally.  Members of the Master Removers Group and BAR accredited we stand firmly on our verified standards of excellence.  As a result, we can bring you a dedicated and considerate service when it comes to moving your home, office, or business in London.  We also work with auction houses, Airbnb hosts and interior designers, providing tailored services for their businesses in London. Get in touch with our team today if you want to discuss an opportunity you have to move in London or the surrounding areas.  Our website will generate a quote for you, which we can discuss in further detail.  We look forward to hearing from you!