The Signs of a True Gentleman

by | Jan 27, 2012 | Our Values | 0 comments

At Gentleman & a Van, we employ excellent staff, who value our ideal of providing impeccable customer service. They are always happy to go that extra mile…inside and outside of a van!

Whether male or female, we all appreciate decency and good manners, and we like to think in a small way that we bring back a touch of old fashioned etiquette. So bring out your inner gentleman with the aid of our helpful pointers.

A true Gentleman…

  • opens doors for ladies
  • does not lose his temper
  • will stand when a lady enters a room
  • will give a woman his seat on a crowded bus or Tube
  • will not wear a hat/cap during meals
  • will always wear a shirt when dining with ladies
  • will not use foul language in the presence of women
  • delights in doing things for others
  • will stand to shake hands with a lady
  • sees the rewards of politeness and common courtesy
  • knows how to play the bagpipes…but doesn’t!

Whether we’re the recipients or the ones displaying good etiquette, it is an act that is often remembered long after any particular action has been taken.

Follow these suggestions, and be the gentleman you were born to be….