The Merits of Using Container Storage in London

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When people or businesses need some extra space, the first thing most of us think of is self storage, and with good reason. The industry continues to grow and find new customers, many with no prior compulsion or reason to use storage. However, a self storage package might not be the correct choice, and we all have specific requirements. This is where container storage might be a better fit.

Gentleman & A Van has a range of storage services with various packages to choose from. In this blog, we’ll go into more detail about our storage facilities. We can assess your situation and suggest whether container storage is more suitable.

The Benefits of Storage in South West London –

A much-used motto at Gentleman & A Van is everyone can and should benefit from storage. Whether you have a busy household with increasingly less space and the boxes are close to bursting. Or maybe you’re a local South West London company hoping to move to a smaller building to trim your monthly outgoings.

There’s plenty of storage providers in London, and you’ll already know this from looking online. While most can offer a reasonably fair price for storage, very few have a comparable extensive range of options available. Even fewer who are willing to tinker with their packages to accommodate customers with alternative needs.

At Gentleman & A Van, we base all our actions on the ethos of inclusivity and honesty. Our rates are below the market rate, but we also make sure we attain the highest standards of customer service. Our branch is in the famous Wimbledon, but we work throughout Greater London. Furthermore, we regularly relocate people and businesses all over Southern England. We’re also a national and international removal and storage company.

It’s All About Your Access Requirements –

Essentially, matching someone’s storage needs with a corresponding service works in two key areas. The first is access, as in, how much a person or business needs to open and use their storage unit. Then it depends on what length of time they will require a storage unit, which is often an estimation. When these two points factor together, we’re able to provide our opinion on the most suitable storage service.

Self storage is excellent for people or businesses who need regular access to their belongings or goods. Furthermore, it’s more suitable for shorter periods of storage in most cases. You can access your self storage unit whenever you want during our opening hours, which are longer than most other London storage providers.

Container storage works in a different way which has pros and cons in comparison. One plus point is the price, which starts at £15 (excluding VAT) per week. However, there are restrictions on access, and we ask our customers to give us five working days’ notice before reopening their container. The idea is to collect items, pack the container and seal it. And when the time is right, we open it in the same condition.

That’s why we recommend it for individuals and companies with long-term storage needs. Additionally, it also works for anyone who doesn’t require regular access and is looking for a good deal. It all depends on specifics which we assess thoroughly before we book you in. And we do everything to meet our customer’s exact storage needs.

Is Container Storage Cheaper?

The straight answer to this question is, yes, container storage starts from £15 per week and is our cheapest package. Because we seal and stack our containers, there’s less maintenance and inspections. This saves us time, and we pass any savings onto our customers by capping our rates below the market average.

You won’t have to worry about packing your unit or transporting your possessions to us; we take care of this for you. Our container storage team will head over to your chosen address with an articulated lorry and empty unit. From there, we’ll pack your items while recording an inventory of everything going into the container. We’ll send you some general advice on how to prepare certain items prior to our arrival.

We then seal your full container and transport it back to our storage warehouse. Every container unit is then placed in a stacking system in our secure depot, completely safe from the elements. And when you no longer need to store with us, we’ll bring the container back out to you to remove the seal. Your contents will be in the same condition they went into the unit in.

Seamlessly Linking Removals and Storage –

The reason why most removals companies have storage facilities is one often follows the other. People who relocate either need or could benefit from using storage, and vice versa. At Gentleman & A Van, one of the bonuses when using us for storage is a seamless transition between this and our removals services. Once we understand the overall picture of why you need storage, we’ll be able to suggest any additional services.

We always plan every part of a relocation in detail with a timeline of events to refer to. For every job, things like having the right vehicle and team members are vital to complete on time. Additionally, our assessors will check for up to date traffic reports as well as double-checking if there might be issues with parking and loading.

You can then get on with other important tasks while we handle everything else. We’ll keep in contact with you, to make sure everything is on track and to see if you need any advice. That’s why Gentleman & A Van has grown to be one of London’s prominent providers of removals and storage. We can move and relocate any type of furniture or appliance, even the bulkier, awkward pieces.

Complete Security for your Belongings –

Gentleman & A Van has a massive 35,000-sq-ft self storage facility in Wimbledon, and we have a range of storage options on offer. With prices starting from £15 per week, you’ll struggle to find storage of this quality at rates this low. You’ll consistently receive the best customer service in tandem with affordability when using our container storage.

We have friendly members of staff at our branch to assist with any queries. They’ll gladly discuss your requirements and questions. And should your circumstances change, we can discuss changing you over to a different package. You won’t need to transport your items to us – we’ll head to your address to collect everything, which includes sealing your container.

Each storage unit is built so we can control the temperature inside every container. Your possessions will be completely protected against damage and theft when you leave them in our care. Our storage depot has top-notch security measures, with CCTV coverage on a twenty-four-hour basis, every day of the week.

We Always Lead with Excellent Customer Service –

At Gentleman & A Van, we can undertake any storage situation. We begin every job with an in-depth assessment exercise, which results in a free quotation and service recommendation. For us, it’s a premium service, but never a premium price. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. And by booking with us, you’ll never have to compromise.

We’re fortunate to work with a group of hard-working staff members who take a great sense of pride in their work. Everyone at Gentleman & A Van works tirelessly to achieve the best results for our customers. And this is why we have people who return to use us for storage and removals jobs again and again.

The Gentleman & A Van team has everything at hand to tailor a storage package for you. We believe in a higher standard where customers receive the right level of respect. We welcome feedback and are always striving to attain the best possible outcome for every relocation and storage job. We’re not trying to compete with the big, chain removal companies. But we do like to think we offer a superior service instead.

Gentleman & A Van – Safeguarding Your Possessions –

The ultimate benefit of storage is the additional protection it provides. Regardless of whether you choose a self storage or container storage package, you’ll receive an excellent level of customer service with us. If we can save you money by establishing a more suitable storage package, we’ll explain what the advantages are for you.

Gentleman & A Van is a member of the British Association of Removers, which is the industry standard for compliance and customer care. You’re in safe hands when you choose to store your belongings with us. We’ll always be available to discuss your storage needs, even if you’re already using our facilities. It’s vital we check your storage provision is up to date with your circumstances.

If you’re unsure of what type of storage package fits your needs, please contact us today. We’ll walk you through what container storage entails to see if it matches your requirements.