The Art of Packing – For Moving, Storage & Delivery

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At Gentleman and a Van, our aim is to upgrade the removals and storage industry in London.  With the fundamentals of the trade well and truly covered, we can take excellence to a whole other level. As we serve different industries in the city, with our top-class removals and storage packages, we hone this art form every day.  We have a diverse client base of domestic and business customers, such as interior designers in London  and Auction houses.

A recent addition to our services is our Box Shop with its range of high quality packing materials.  The Box Shop can transform packing into an ART FORM rather than an arduous task .  Plus, you can source everything you will need in one place.  Whether you are packing to move house, or for an exhibition or show, the Box Shop can help you plan the process with exactly the right kind of boxes and other materials. Our delivery team can make sure you get your packaging well in advance of the move or event you may be planning. 

Packing for moving house 

For a stress-free house move, having a packing and unpacking strategy is very important.  Firstly, it is important to know that one of the most common mistakes of people when moving house, is starting to pack too late.  Getting further slowed down by not having the right materials to hand is another situation to avoid.  Secondly, it is good to have a solid commitment to pack on a room-by-room basis.  This will pay dividends on the other side when you are unpacking. An inventory and clear labelling system are a must. Thirdly, prepare a box of essentials you will need to set up at your new place, this can travel with you and be there as you enter the house.  Aim to have everything in it you will need on the first few days and nights, to avoid opening boxes due to random item hunting.   Finally, pack the least important zones first, and unpack in reverse.  Set up the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms when you arrive in your new place.  Having the right boxes for your move, and for your valuables will organize the process for you and keep stress at bay. 

Box Packs 

Our range of box packs allows you to prepare in advance for your removal and storage needs.  If you need help estimating the scale of your move, we are only too happy to discuss it with you. With our Wardrobe Boxes you can keep clothes uncreased and easy to locate during the move.  Bottles and books can be carefully stored in Wine boxes and Book boxes. All of our boxes are sturdy double-walled cardboard.  Having a range of boxes of different sizes for a student move can make the process smooth, particularly as it includes a marker pen, bubble wrap, tape and a tape dispenser.  In fact, all the packs contain whatever it is that you will need, so you don’t have to rush out at the last minute or be delayed waiting for deliveries when it really is time to crack on. 

Packing for delivery 

Our five fold package of services for interior designers combines storage, delivery, packing and installation.  We provide online inventories to our clients so they can manage their delivery and storage needs remotely.  Our team will deliver and unwrap whatever is required for the installation and vice versa.  Deliveries can be made to a designated storage unit that we manage on our client’s behalf.  With our trusted client base, we provide a superb service when it comes to handling fine art and antique pieces.  This is part of the service we are proud to uphold, and we make sure we have the best equipment and materials to hand, from state-of-the-art removals vehicles to packing tape. 

Packing for Storage 

When it comes to packing for storage, we advise our clients to observe some guidelines.  Again, having the right equipment for the process will be important.  Here are five tips if you are packing for storage. 

  • Wash and dry everything prior to packing 
  • Use clear plastic storage boxes 
  • Do not store hazardous materials
  • Use mattress bags for mattresses
  • Use Wardrobe Boxes for clothes 

It is important to check that the storage unit you are using is carefully monitored for any moisture and changes in temperature.  We offer container storage and self-storage and offer discounted rates on our other removals and delivery services to our storage customers.  Our London storage depot is in Wimbledon and occupies 35,000 sq feet of South London. This allows us to offer competitive rates and discounts. 

Insurance and Assurance

As members of the Master Removers Group, we are part of a network of removals and storage companies that take the leading edge in this industry. As a result, we share resources and guarantee that we are using the most up-to-date vehicles, equipment, and strategies on a daily basis.  As a BAR-approved removals and storage company, we meet stringent standards of excellence every year and we have the reviews to prove our customers are delighted.  We provide tailored insurance policies for each individual move, which you can read online.  In fact, our attention to detail is how we have established such a loyal client base.  It is this attention to detail that brings you the Box Shop with its customized packing options. We deliver your box packs and packing materials for free when you order over £30.  As part of a solid moving strategy, we can supply the packaging and take it away once you are well and truly on the other side. 

Gentleman and a Van

Following our founder’s vision to provide next-level removal and storage experience, we feel packing really can be an art form.  Attention to detail, whether it is customer care, or handling valuables is part of our team’s daily work ethic. Since 2004 we have built up a loyal client base and our reviews reflect this. Whether you are planning to move house or require our Man and Van services, get in touch for a quote and to discuss your removals and storage needs.  Over the years we have moved from specializing in South London removals to the whole of London and Surrey.  If you are relocating a business, our commercial removals division is highly practiced in this particular art.  Whatever the nature of your moving, storing, and packing requirements, our bespoke service will tailor-make a quote and plan for you.  Get in touch today for a quote and to discuss your situation with a member of our team.