Removals and Storage Services for London’s Interior Designers

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A lot of people are turning to interior designers to help revamp their homes in London. For many, it’s about improving the living spaces in their house or apartment. Others who are looking to sell their property work with interior designers to speed up the process and, hopefully, avoid months of waiting around on the housing market.

Gentleman & A Van has a dedicated interior design package which incorporates our removals and storage services. We work with several professional interior designers and property developers, providing them with affordable services they need. In this blog, we’ll focus on how these packages are ideal for any interior designer. 

Why Interior Designers Use Removals Services –

It might surprise people outside of the property development industry, but a lot of professional interior designers work with removals and storage companies. And true to form, we have a lot of designers as regular clients at Gentleman & A Van. There are various reasons why, but an obvious one is there’s a lot of overlapping needs that match our services.

An example of this is our Man & Van package which is a staple service for interior designers. The set-up is ideal because they have access to a vehicle for collection and delivery purposes. Every man and van job comes with two Gentleman team members to do all the manual labour stuff. This also means they don’t need to outlay the cost of buying or leasing a van, which reduces their overheads.

Another popular package for this industry is self storage. This makes it possible for interior designers to forgo renting a commercial property. Instead, they can rent a storage unit for a fraction of the cost. And they have somewhere safe and secure to house their materials and tools.

It’s worth remembering that some functions are only applicable for the duration of a project. That means weighing up your options and only paying for things when you need to. Moreover, this gives the designer more flexibility and fewer restrictions on their budget.

Ultimately, interior designers we work with know-how committed we are to their goals. Any form of property development is all about meeting deadlines. We have the same high standards and drive to do things on time, every time. That’s why we have a dedicated Designers package as part of our range of services.

Using a Man & Van Service for Property Development –

If you’re starting out in interior design or possibly looking to trim your outgoings, you should ask yourself a question: why buy a vehicle? Most interior designers don’t need a larger van for every job, and there will be times where one isn’t a requirement. When they do, the cost-effective option is to use Gentleman’s Man & Van service. We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal, which is handy for bigger tasks.

Every man with a van service comes with a minimum of two team members for every booking. We charge by the hour rather than a flat day rate. This usually ends up saving you money, especially if the day runs over schedule. We will undertake all the lifting and assembling if you need our assistance, freeing you up for other duties.

If you find yourself in an awkward spot, it’s no problem for us to deploy our team for emergencies if we have available slots. Everyone who works at Gentleman & A Van has plenty of experience in removals and storage, as well as other trades. Our man & van vehicles are straightforward to load and unpack when you’re onsite and back at our depot.

It’s an all-round unbeatable service which is ideal for interior design, making it possible to have a vehicle without the costs involved.

No Workplace? No Problem with Self Storage –

It’s always a bonus if you have a dedicated place to work out of, especially as you’ll be acquiring and storing materials and design equipment. But it’s not essential to rent a commercial or office space to run an interior design company. To save even more money, you can use a self storage unit instead. You’ll get everything you need from a workplace at a fraction of the price.

We work with interior designers who work from our storage facilities on a permanent basis and use it as their main workspace. After speaking to them, one of the reasons they do this is because it’s much cheaper than commercial rental premises. Furthermore, they can utilise the space cleverly, so it works as a stock room and makeshift office. All that’s needed is a portable partition and some floor tape to separate the areas.

There will be situations which require more storage space, and you can upgrade to a larger size of unit or rent a second one. It’s then possible to increase your storage provision for larger jobs, such as renovations or thorough remodelling. Then you can use man and van to transport tools and materials to and from the site. And when the job’s over, you can stop storing if it no longer suits your needs.

Bigger Projects Need Larger Removals Vans –

Sometimes a man and van vehicle doesn’t cut it, especially for projects where the scale is much higher. Luckily, we have a fleet of removal’s vehicles to choose from in various sizes. This means we can take on any job, no matter how big or small. Furthermore, it makes it possible to work with bulky or heavy objects without causing any issues.

We will assess your specifications from the first time you contact us to get an idea of your situation. We’ll have a full picture of everything and will know if there are any specific details we need to take into account. An example might be awkward staircases or limited interior door spaces. From there, we can provide you with a free quotation without any hassle from us to sign up. We can also send one of our assessors out to you if there is anything we need to double-check.

The Gentleman & A Van assessment experts will survey site, taking things like parking and loading provisions into account. We also consider things like traffic and roadworks to ensure we avoid any delays. Our team will help you plan and organise everything before the job starts because there’s no such thing as too much preparation. We’ll then be ready to agree a start time to get everything onsite.

Using Interior Designers when Selling Your House –

For anyone who’s putting their house or flat on the market, interior design could speed things up significantly. Home staging is increasingly popular in London, with thousands of people enjoying the benefits of an expedited process when selling up. This method is the top-tier level of interior design where it showcases the best your property has to offer.

We’re not in a position to go into details about how home staging achieves this, but a lot of it includes smart uses of natural light and tasteful props. How in-depth this goes will depend on the budget available, which might consist of thorough renovations and development of the property. In most circumstances, home staging adds to the overall saleability of your home, and in some cases, can even increase its value.

The final result with home staging or any interior design technique is to sell your property timeously. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a state of limbo on the housing market. The average time for a sale is roughly three months once it’s listed. This doesn’t include the time taken for property development, which might add another one or two months. By working with a professional interior designer, you can attain this target and avoid languishing on the market.

The Link Between Excellent Customer Service and Online Reviews –

At Gentleman & A Van, we take a lot of pride in the feedback we receive from previous customers. One of the innovations of the modern business era is online reviews. It’s possible to see what service you can expect to receive before committing to a service provider. Review platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot now give the consumer ample examples of who they might work with. And you can read our five-star ratings here.

For us, it’s a premium service, but never a premium price. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. And by booking with us, you’ll never have to compromise. We’re fortunate to work with a group of hard-working staff members who take a great sense of pride in their work. Everyone at Gentleman & A Van works tirelessly to achieve the best results for our business clients.

The Gentleman & A Van team has everything at hand to tailor a package for you. We believe in a higher standard where customers receive the right level of respect. We welcome feedback and are always striving to attain the best possible outcome for every relocation and storage job.

Gentleman & A Van – Direct Referral Service to London’s Top Interior Designers –

At Gentleman & A Van, we believe everything goes well after lots of preparation. That’s why we have a top-notch assessment team who can determine the most cost-effective and efficient packages for your interior design business. We welcome feedback and are always striving to attain the best possible outcome for every relocation and storage job.

Gentleman & A Van has everything in place to create a specific removal and storage package for you. Our team have specialist removal’s equipment and tools, including hoists, making it possible to move and transport any item. We’re not trying to compete with the big, chain removal companies. But we do like to think we offer a superior service instead.

If you’re looking to partner with a reputable removal and storage company, please contact us today. We have the right expertise and range of services to match your enterprise’s requirements.