Reasons to Choose an Expert Removal Company

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Expert removal company

We all dread moving to a new house. Something that should be an exciting time full of adventure and looking forward to new prospects can quickly become tiresome and stressful. For many of us hiring a reputable, expert removal company is often seen as something of a luxury. But the more you consider the ramifications of not hiring an expert team of removers you quickly begin to realise that there really is no better way to keep your health and your sanity throughout the moving process.

What are you Employing your Removal Company to do?

As with many aspects of life the removal industry is haphazard and difficult to navigate. You need to consider precisely what you are employing a removal company to do. These are not just people who drive a van loaded with miscellaneous bits and pieces.  They are people who will be trusted with your most prized and treasured possessions. Think on this when you consider precisely which removal company you wish to hire. Avoid bargain basement websites and anonymous phone-numbers. Opt for a firm that you feel you can communicate with and trust during the upheaval.

A Weight off your Shoulders

Hiring an expert removal company lifts a weight from your shoulders. Metaphorically and physically.  You can now spend your time organising your possessions and arranging for a smooth transition from old house to new. You can let other people take the strain of the hard, physical work. Leaving you free to remain happy and healthy.

The most obvious advantage to this approach of moving to a new house is that your close family and friends will no longer avoid your phone calls. We can guarantee that they will be dreading that random call that we have all been on the receiving end of which leaves us in no position but to volunteer to help pack, load and move our loved ones to their new residence.


The right tool for the job when moving house

The Right Tool for the Job

We are firm believers in using the right tool for the job at hand. After all you wouldn’t use a hammer to unscrew something that requires millimeter precision. You wouldn’t employ an axe to tease apart something full of delicate electronic components.

Hiring an expert removal company ensures that the right tools are used for moving to a new house. It is a delicate process that is much more than simply moving boxes and furniture from A to B.

When you start dismantling your worldly possessions nothing is more infuriating than finding that you don’t have the tools. Maybe you lack the correct Allen key or socket set to take apart that flat-pack sofa from your spare room. Or maybe you had a new front door fitted recently.  The wardrobe that once entered your house in one piece now needs dismantling to leave the property safely.

The right tools coupled with the knowledge and experience that a skilled removal company can provide will prove to be priceless in helping you overcome these hurdles.

Expert Removal Companies Save You Money

We believe that hiring an expert removal company can also be a cost saving measure in the long run.

Many would never consider the idea that their goods can get lost or damaged en-route to a new property. But those of us who have braved a move without the help of experienced removal specialists know all too well the misery of discovering for months and sometimes years after we have settled into our new home that various things have gone missing or been broken during the move.

These need not even be expensive items. The frustration alone of tearing a house apart looking for a specific item that you are absolutely certain you used to possess is enough to drive a person to insanity. When you eventually start replacing these items the cost soon adds up. It is obviously not just small things that are lost or damaged, obviously one of the worst things that can happen when moving to a new house is something precious, irreplaceable or very expensive is damaged.

Fortunately, an expert removal company will be fully insured should the worst happen, but most importantly they will have the experience and understanding of how best to move your objects whilst facilitating your needs so that things are not damaged or lost in the first place.

The right way to pack when moving house

The Right way to Pack

Moving to a new house can be a confusing time.

When the packing starts you will quickly find your doorways blocked with boxes. You will find your furniture in disarray. Electrical cables and extensions will be strewn about the floor. And piles of things that are still to be sorted will litter every corner.

You can be certain that in a fit of enthusiasm you will have packaged away the kettle first. It is almost guaranteed that it can’t be retrieved until you are safely ensconced in your new abode.

Each year millions of pounds are spent in the UK alone on healthcare for moving and handling injuries both in the workplace and when moving home. If you are active and fit it can initially seem like a good idea to undertake much of the physical labour and heavy lifting yourself. This can prove to be a costly and painful mistake. An expert removal company will not only be knowledgeable in the correct ways to move and transport heavy objects but they will do so safely and with much greater efficiency than anything you can manage on your own two feet and four wheels.

Highly Skilled Removal Companies

Expert removal companies are highly skilled specialists. The knowledge that they have amassed whilst moving thousands of people into their new homes simply cannot be dismissed. If you choose to utilise the services of a specialist, we guarantee that your move will be as stress free as it can possibly be. And that you will settle into your new home safe and sound in the knowledge that your possessions have been well looked after at every step of the journey.