Questions to ask when assessing a London removals and storage company.

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As moving house is often hailed to be high up on the stressometer of life, it is important to understand how it got that famous accolade, and how to mitigate this legendary stress.  As London experts in removals and storage we at Gentleman & a Van know that a lot of the stress comes from underestimating the nature of the beast, and not having the right team to hand when it comes to navigating the seas of change.  We suggest fully considering why it is potentially stressful, and then thoroughly researching the services available.  If you get to grips with the task in hand, and then ask these questions as you research the right removals and storage company, we believe you can plain sail through these difficulties to your new destination. 

Why is moving house considered to be so stressful? 

  1. Rocking the boat.  Once you start uprooting your base of operations all kinds of issues are raised about whether this decision will be the right one. Moving is disruptive to all established routines and it is hard to anticipate the effect this will have on you and your family once it is in play. 
  2. Logistics.  The logistics of relocation involve a lot of administration, negotiation, waiting to hear back regarding offers, the variability of difference circumstances and the sense of being subject to the winds of fate. Time-consuming logistics and disappointments can wear away at resolve and capacity during a move. 
  3. Finances.  Does this need explanation? Financial risks are stressful, moving is usually a financial decision, and all the costs involved can place a lot of stress on timings and being able to move from one property into another without incurring extra costs can be a tightrope walk. 
  4. Emotional stress.  Leaving behind the familiar and loved environment can be emotionally stressful and affect all family members differently.  Decluttering and downsizing can be a difficult emotional process. 
  5. Physical demands. There is a lot of physical energy spent on moving objects around. From the decluttering stage to the packing stage, the whole process can be depleting before the actual physical demands of the process are in play.  
  6. Decision making fatigue. So many decisions are involved in a house move.  One can fall in love with a house but find the surveyors report to be damning, then you can find the perfect home only to have the seller back out.  Weighing up the pros and cons of different properties on behalf of all your family members can result in sleepless nights.  
  7. Uncertainty.  Once the main routines and homing pattern are changed then the unfamiliar uncertain future can look insecure.  Faced with this many people find stress creeps in around the edges making simple tasks seem gargantuan. 

Points to consider when researching the best removals and storage team 

  • First and foremost, it is worth the investment of hiring a professional team to aid you in the process.  A good company will not just be there for the heavy lifting but will be able to guide you through the process and share their expertise with you every step of the way.
  • Get several quotes to compare what each company is offering and what it will cost in relation to your personal removal and storage needs.  Gathering quotes will help you to organize your own budget for the move and get clear what costs will be involved. 
  • Read reviews and recommendations. Beyond the five-star system, it is worth reading what exactly customers appreciated from their service, and in what department they fell short.  Live reviews give you insight into the working operation of a firm and its true interface with its customer base. 
  • Most companies will be insured to cover any loss or breakage of your property while you are in transit.  It is also worth checking your own insurance policy to see if you are covered during the move. However, a good way of assessing a company is to check their insurance policy is in place for your move. 
  • There are organizations which regulate standards of performance within the removals and storage trade. Check to see if the company is approved by the British Association of Removers (BAR) or is part of the Master Removers Group (MRG).  

 Questions to ask potential removal companies when doing your research

Once you are happy with a quote you have received from a firm you will want to establish the scope of what is on offer for that price. 

  1. How long will the move take, how many men will be involved and what time will they arrive?
  2. Will the staff and vehicles be liveried?
  3. Does the company outsource work to temporary staff or have a consistently trained team?
  4. Will there be any extra costs or is the quote fixed at the given rate?
  5. In London, it is important to know if the company will take responsibility for organizing parking and any costs incurred related to the ULEZ zones
  6. How long has the company been trading? 
  7. If there is a storage depot is it possible to visit the depot in advance? 
  8. Are they able to offer you a package for removals and storage in relation to your move?
  9. What is their cancellation policy and when is payment required?

When is the best time to move home?

Usually, bank holiday weekends are preferable for moving house as it gives people time to move without taking time off. This makes Friday a popular moving day for many on a bank holiday weekend, or a normal weekend.  Often prices can be higher over the weekends, and it may be possible to save money by moving in the middle of the week.  In terms of availability and bookings, spring and summer are usually busy times in the removals and storage trade, with people tending to stay put through the wintry months.  However, when you have to move, you have to move, but there may be more flexibility in the autumn and winter and in the middle of the week. 

Gentleman & a Van – Top-tier removals and storage in London

Established in London to bring excellent bespoke service into the removals and storage trade, Gentleman & a Van has established a loyal customer base over the last two decades.  While we cover all the usual removals and storage bases, with our two storage depots in the city, we also specialize in assisting interior designers with our bespoke Man and Van services.  As members of BAR and the MRG we stand on a solid foundation of professional excellence and are proud to extend that into specialist services.  With a Box Shop that makes packing into an art form, we take finesse and professionalism to a whole other level.  If you would like confirmation of that, you only must read our live reviews. If you want quality service throughout your moving experience, we are only too happy to deliver that as part of our company ethos.  Contact us to discuss your needs and to get a quote, we will get back to you swiftly and surely.