Providing Removals Services to Commuter Towns Near London

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It’s becoming common knowledge that people are looking for something different because their housing needs are changing. The lockdown brought about some re-evaluation with regards to what’s gaining in popularity. Some of this means moving to other parts of the capital or even neighbouring counties to find larger houses with adequate outdoor spaces. What are the best commuter towns to relocate to near London?

While there are approximately 150 commutable towns and villages within an hour of London, we’re leading with places we found popular with our customers. We not only believe them to be the best candidates, but we also relocated people there during the first lockdown. This article will go on to provide more detail on things like average house prices, travel distance and commuting expenses.

Removals to Commuter Towns Near London –

At the time, it wasn’t clear how the first lockdown was going to pan out with regards to how it would affect relocations. Our expectations were of less work and a very quiet few months. However, we ended up working throughout the initial lockdown, providing removals and storage for frontline workers, and eventually resuming our operations fully.

It turns out removals and storage are vital services because a lot of key workers found themselves in tricky situations without them. And we were able to do it very safely to ensure we attain full compliance with the government guidelines. We consider it a crucial aspect of every job we undertake now and will continue to uphold high standards of health and safety.

While the upcoming lockdown spells more bad news, at least we know it’s happening. The ‘will it won’t it’ happen local lockdowns had everyone in a state of confusion. One of the consequences of the previous restrictions saw a lot of people begin to look beyond London to set up a home. For some people, they want a countryside move to enjoy more green spaces and scenic views.

This isn’t for everyone, however, and lots of people and businesses need a direct connection to London. That’s why commuter towns are the perfect solution for anyone who’s had enough of city life but needs to be nearby. It’s a case of being close to the capital as well as far enough away to have a better quality of life.

Gentleman’s Top Five Commuter Towns –

With so many commuter towns to choose from, the Gentleman & A Van team cast our collective minds back to previous removals jobs. We also thought about what people want to know when considering a relocation. For people who still need to travel to London, this would be a factor. The rest is affordability, as many of our previous removals customers were looking for more their money.

Taking everything into account, we found some excellent data from CBRE and put together some easy reference graphs. It’s worth pointing out that things like education and quality of life index would also need to factor into any final decisions. Additionally, the data for these graphs will likely show the lowest numbers as the most favourable results regarding value for money.

From this information, we’re making our top choice for a commuter town near London as Basingstoke. While every location has pros and cons, Basingstoke offers a balance between affordability and proximity to London.

Home and Business Removals Services –

Gentleman & A Van has several choices for removals services available, covering any size of the property as well as the overall volume of items. We put a lot of emphasis on planning, which is why we evaluate every relocation rigorously. From there, we’ll provide you with a free quotation and advise the most fitting package for your circumstances.

For smaller loads (total volume), which is typically apartments or compact houses, we use our Man & Van service. When it comes to properties of three bedrooms and more, it’s necessary to go with one larger vehicle to transport all your furniture and appliances in one trip. However, we’ll take both options into account for distance and specific objects.

We also have a holistic business package range, and we can work with companies of all sizes. Furthermore, we have the right tools and knowledge to cater to every business sector. So, whether you run a textile factory or a multinational corporation in an office setting, Gentleman & A Van has the right removals package for your company.

High-Quality Self Storage and Container Storage –

It’s an expectation these days that most removals companies have storage options available because the two services often link. At Gentleman & A Van, we’re fortunate to say we have the best facilities in South West London. Our 35,000-sq-ft self storage facility in Wimbledon has everything from a small locker to 300-sq-ft units.

Within this impressive storage depot, we have the capability to recommend various storage options from our core packages. Self storage is ideal for short-term periods and offers no restrictions of access during our business hours. Container storage is cheaper and usually suits long-term storage needs, but there are some limitations to access.

Gentleman & A Van Storage has unrivalled access, and you can use your self storage unit at any time between seven-am and nine-pm, seven days a week. Every storage unit comes with a secure pin code system, each with unique access combinations, and twenty-four-hour CCTV covers the facility. We can even offer additional insurance if your items are particularly valuable.

Safety First for our Removal and Storage Services –

When we cast our minds back to the first lockdown earlier this year, it was predicted that we would have to close. Then it became apparent that key and frontline healthcare workers needed our services. This allowed us to prove we can do things to the highest standards of health and safety. Gentleman & A Van will continue to provide removals and storage during the upcoming lockdown.

All our teams have the correct PPE, hand sanitiser and cleaning products in every removals van. We regularly disinfect surfaces and frequently touched objects, like door handles and appliances. We’ll discuss social distancing with you before arrival, where we might suggest keeping certain parts of your house clear for our removal’s team.

Our process when performing removals and storage is in line with the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation and government. We try to use other means of communication for bookings, such as Skype and Zoom video platforms. Gentleman & A Van will do our part in the battle against Covid-19 and to uphold the health and well-being of everyone we work with.

A Higher Standard of Removals Service –

At Gentleman & A Van, we can accept any removals and storage job. And everything starts from a thorough level of assessment. We use the mantra – a premium service, but never a premium price. By booking a removal or storage service with us, you’ll never have to choose one over the other. We do everything possible to attain the highest standardv of customer care and service delivery.

The Gentleman & A Van family is a team of professional, friendly, and hard-working people, some who have been with us from day one. They take a great sense of pride in their work and always go above and beyond on every job. Performing a successful relocation is not easy, which is why our surveyors and removals team need to be at the top of their game.

We’re affiliated with the British Association of Removers, which is the industry standard for compliance and customer service. We can advise and assist you if you need to assess and increase your insurance cover. That’s why you’ll be in safe hands when you choose to work with us. We’ll be with you throughout your relocation, always on-hand to take any questions or advise on anything related to your move.

Gentleman & A Van – High-Quality Removals in South West London –

At Gentleman & A Van, we have everything at our disposal to create a specific removal and storage package for you. Our team have specialist removal’s equipment and tools, including hoists, making it possible to move and transport any item. What’s more, everything will remain in perfect condition, for removals as well as our storage services.

Moving away from London is a significant change for many people, but many feel a necessary one. It’s possible to keep your connection to the capital without living there. That’s why the multitude of commuter towns within an hour of London are becoming so popular. Gentleman & A Van perform relocations to many of them every week.

If you’re thinking of relocating to one of London’s nearby commuter towns, please contact us today. We have the right expertise and range of services to move you there efficiently and