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When you make progress with your search for a new home, it’s within reason that excitement takes hold. It’s a big decision, both in terms of finances and making a significant change in your life for you and your family. However, with great power comes great responsibility or something along those lines. You’ll have plenty of organising to attend to before you start thinking of colour schemes for the lounge and dining rooms.

At Gentleman & A Van, we tend to be party-poopers when it comes to reminding our customers about the pragmatic side of the coin. It will benefit you greatly if you begin planning now, including sourcing packing materials. We’ll use this article to go over some of the do’s and don’ts when you pack your belongings.

You Need Proper Packing Materials –

At times, moving into a new house can be incredibly stressful. One of the ways you can streamline the process and save yourself a great deal of stress is to purchase proper packing materials to help your move go as smoothly as possible. And it’s never too early to do this, even if you need to get more later if you run out.

To give you a well-rounded perspective from our collective experiences, we’ll also explore the other options available to you. There will be those who simply don’t have enough time to spare for packing. This can lead to people rushing to get things done at the last minute, and the results will vary. We also note significantly higher chances of breakages happening due to this choice.

When you work with Gentleman & A Van, we offer a professional packing service to complement our removals services. The benefit of this for busy individuals is delegating this task to us. We’ll liaise and agree on the most suitable time to undertake this for you. You’ll have full confidence your possessions will be handled with care and expert attention.

One: The Wrong Way –

Many people adopt the ad-hoc approach when packing; steadily, in the months moving up to a move, you begin to collect cardboard boxes from a variety of sources. Without thinking of the consequences, they then fold them up and store them in your spare room or under your bed. If the boxes came from a supermarket or corner shop, chances are they are already weaker from overuse and damp storage conditions.

As the time looms, you dust them off to discover that what you had previously thought was a mountain of boxes is actually a meagre collection of cardboard that will likely fall apart during the packing process. Investing in sturdy packing materials will ensure that your items reach your new home safe and sound.

Packing for a move is not a quick process. You simply cannot pack away your entire house at once. As a result, some of your items may be packaged away for quite some time before finally being moved to your new abode. Whilst your prized possessions sit snugly in their bubble wrap and cardboard dens, waiting for the move to happen, items will shift and slip and move.

The unfortunate outcome tends to be breakages or damage occurring. The only way you can adequately pack is by ensuring you have a wide selection of different box sizes all set and ready to go. It’s best if you also use sturdy packing tape and suitable filler to ensure nothing slides around in storage or transit.

Two: The Right Way –

Now that we know what not to do when packing and finding the relevant containers, what’s the right way? By ensuring that you sort things into sturdy, well-protected, properly taped, and labelled boxes of different sizes. Not only will your prized possessions arrive intact and in pristine condition. But they can be quickly unloaded into the correct places allowing you to relax and enjoy your new home.

If you are looking for high-quality packing materials, then take a look at our box shop. Gentleman & A Van pride ourselves on many things, but we would place exceptional customer service at the top of the order. Part of this is solving problems for our customers by thinking of potential issues before they happen. And we know that finding high-quality boxes isn’t always straightforward.

We have the very best packing supplies available, all tailormade for our moving team to use. That means you’re buying industry-strength and quality goods. We can’t afford any mishaps during the loading and unpacking stages, so every box and the related item must be up to scratch. This is what you can expect when you purchase packing supplies directly from us.

Three: The Stress of Moving –

The experience of packing for a house move can drag on for months. In some cases, all your belongings are gradually sorted and packaged up for their journey. Organising such a mass upheaval of items can be particularly straining. Having proper packaging materials can help alleviate some of your stress. It allows you to arrange things as you pack them away properly.

Many well-meaning new homeowners will begin by throwing things into boxes will little regard for the unpacking process at the other end. All this accomplishes is making your life more difficult when you move into your new home. So, let’s begin with better practices and a more thorough level of preparation. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself when the unpacking begins, even more so if you delegate that task to us.

Another option that helps movers organise and manage the chaos of boxing everything is storage. Instead of trying to manoeuvre around furniture, appliances, and full boxes, you can transport everything out of your home and into a storage unit. Then you’ll have more space to pack things and still be able to live in your home while organising the big move.

Four: Professional to Pack –

We have touched on this a couple of times on this blog, but it’s worth delving into again one final time. It’s only right to cover every angle before we get into what advantages you can enjoy from using the pros. Undoubtedly, moving home is also expensive, and that’s not just for the removal service itself. You’ll incur a plethora of costs for your mortgage process, so, understandably, you’ll look to make savings elsewhere.

So, the only way to do this evenly and without bias is to collate the costs entirely. The Gentleman & A Van assessors will happily put together a quote after going through your situation in detail. From there, you’ll know how much it will cost, including adding packing and storage, if the latter is applicable. You’ll then see the outlay before committing.

Then you can weigh up the benefits or downsides to getting a professional team of movers to pack everything. The first point to consider is our specialist removal’s equipment and expert handling skills. The second thing to highlight is the convenience and ability to delegate the mammoth task to a professional. Lastly, it’s the peace of mind your belongings will have a better chance of avoiding unnecessary damage during each stage of the relocation.

Gentleman & A Van – Avoid Breakages when Moving – 

Moving to a new home is a challenging time for everyone involved. And more often than not, it falls on one person to do the organising. That’s why it pays dividends to have a group of consummate experts to liaise and work with for your big move. And there are plenty of features we offer that other moving companies don’t measure up to.

Gentleman & A Van has a selection of vehicles at our disposal which means we can scale from more minor up to big jobs with ease. There will always be experts handling your precious belongings from each point in the removal journey. You won’t find a better standard of service in South West London or surrounding areas.

Whether you’re looking for industry-strength packing supplies, or you’d like us to take over this for you – click here. We’ll provide you with a free, no-hassle quote with a suggestion for the most suitable removals service.