Be Prepared – Your Moving Check List – Part 3

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The day is nearly upon us – the big move.. Hopefully by following the advice in Part 1 and 2 of our moving checklist, you will be feeling nice and relaxed, at the prospect of moving home.

We now look at the last couple of days before you are in you new house, and how to make this time as simple and easy as possible.

The day before your move:

  • If parking has not been arranged by us ahead of time (we can often arrange parking suspensions to ease the move), ensure you have parked your car outside, or blocked the spaces for our vans to be outside on the move day.
  • If you have packed yourself, make sure all of the boxes are together in one room, so the team of gents can quickly move them into the van for you on moving day.

Moving Day:

  • Once our Gentlemen have loaded the van, ensure you check everywhere in the house, looking carefully in all the cupboards and drawers to ensure that nothing has been missed.
  • When you get to your new house, ensure the team have your pre prepared floor plan (see out moving tips), to save you having to direct the team to the appropriate rooms when unloading.

So, the move is done, and you are in your new home – congratulations, time to open the bubbly and settle in.

For more information on how Gentleman And A Van can make your next home removals as simple and easy as possible, call us now on 020 8874 4283, or email us on and we will be happy to discuss your move with you.