Be Prepared – Your Moving Check List – Part 2

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In the second part of our series about being prepared for the big day wehen moving comes, we look at the couple of weeks leading up to the move.  This time can be crucial in getting everything prepared, and can make the difference between a stressful, or a stress free moving day.  We aim here to provide the ultimate moving check list, providing all the advice and pointers you will need to make your next house removal, the smoothest it can be.

 1 – 2 Weeks before your move date:

  • Contact TV Licensing, and notify them you are moving.
  • Notify your electricity, gas and water providers.

3 days before you move:

  • Pack a a large bag with all the essential items you will need on moving day.  Think about things like nappies for the baby, tea bags and knifes and forks.
  • Pack up any jewellery and keep it in a safe place, remember to take it with you, and keep it secure on move day.
  • If you are taking care of the dismantling of any furniture, ensure you keep the screws in a safe place, or tape them to the frame of this furniture securely.

Now you’re nearly there, just a few more things to do in the couple of days before the big move arrives.  Next time, we will share what last minute things cvan be done to ensure move day is as easy and as smooth as possible.

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