Our Size Guide for Removals and Storage in South West London 

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It’s one of the quandaries that beset people at the outset of their move, especially if it’s their first major relocation. Just what kind of service do they need? Something simple, with a compact vehicle and a couple of helpers, or something much more elaborate, involving lorries and a team? Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult to work out once you know how. We’ll help you determine what service is right for you and then we’ll go one further and assist you in finding the storage option that’s best for your needs, too. Gentleman & A Van have been up and running for nearly two decades, helping Londoners get a superior moving service. Find out how we can do the same for you.

How to Determine The Service That Meets Your Needs

Part of this comes down to size. Indeed, some people moving from very small spaces or leaving home for the first time, skip the need for a service altogether by doing the move entirely under their own steam. However, they sometimes regret it when items get damaged or they discover the weren’t sufficiently insured. Usually, a professional removals company is the best option, not only for the move itself but because moving companies have trained experts who know how to pack valuable, delicate items. The other principal consideration is cost. Ideally, it’s good to get a handful of quotations, do some due diligence (TrustPilot, Google Reviews) and then make your decision.

One or Two Bedrooms – Man & Van

The size of your current property (and, to a lesser extent, the one to which you’re moving) is the most reliable indicator of the service you need. If you’re in a flat or a one/two-bedroomed property, then Gentleman & A Van’s Man and Van option is the right one for you. With a Man and Van service, you won’t end up paying for things you don’t need, but will still get all the same expertise, just at a scaled-down level. Although we can’t speak on behalf of other companies, at Gentleman & A Van we’re explicit about the fact that, although our Man and Van service is smaller, it doesn’t come with any less an amount of skill, efficiency or moving know-how.

Three Bedrooms – Home Removals

Got three or more bedrooms? Then you need a full Removals service. A full removals service will ensure you get the vehicles and personnel numbers you need. As with the Man and Van service, you’ll also be able to choose a full packing/unpacking service to make matters even easier. 

Gentleman’s Storage Calculator

Gentleman & A Van offer container storage and self storage, but before you decide what kind to choose, it’s good to get a sense of how much space you need – easier said than done when it’s near-impossible to try to work that out just be closing your eyes and envisaging it. Instead, use our Unit Size Estimator. You’ll see a range of options, measured in square feet. Just click the numbers at the top, and underneath a graphic will appear that gives you a clear sense of what each size really looks like. 

What’s the Difference Between Storage Packages?

Container storage gives you the best, most wallet-kind rates. It’s the storage package to choose when you know you won’t need ready access to your belongings. Our Gentleman & A Van storage team will come to you and load everything into your container(s) before taking it back to the facility. Self storage is slightly more expensive but comes with the benefit of easy, frequent access. You can drive to your unit and change its contents whenever you like – it’s like your very own extra room.

Our Excellent Standards of Customer Service

We’ve amassed scores of wonderful reviews thanks to our happy customers. One of the reasons we set up shop in the first place was because our founder had experienced extremely poor customer service during a move in the early 2000s. We made customer service our priority, in the belief that that’s where everything starts. With good customer service in place, everything else that follows will also be of an exceptional standard.

Gentleman & A Van – South West London’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company

We’ve built a meaningful and mutually trusting relationship with Londoners. Now, as soon as they see the elegant Gentleman & A Van logo and our sleek, polished, navy-blue vehicles, they know that a conscientious, fully committed service is under way.