Our Guide for Long-Distance Relocations

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For anyone who has experience with relocations over longer distances, you’ll no doubt know how challenging they can become. All moves have their fair share of problems to deal with and obstacles to avoid along the way. But the likelihood of potential issues increases for national relocations, chiefly down to the additional miles between the two locations.

At Gentleman & A Van, we regularly relocate people to other parts of the UK with our range of removal packages. Regardless of whether you’re heading to another borough in London or elsewhere in Britain, we provide the same high-quality removals service. We’ll use this article to elaborate on how we perform national moves and anything else you should consider before the big moving day.

Relocations to Anywhere in the UK –

The true test of a removals company is the ability to be flexible when it comes to delivering a service. And there’s no better example than a long-distance relocation. All moves come with plenty of stress and complications to deal with. While there’s no exact science to it, you can sometimes suggest this notches up with every ten miles, or so you add to the journey. In general – relocations to other parts of the UK are trickier to organise and complete.

Fortunately, one of the simplest ways to reduce any issues is booking with Gentleman & A Van. We have a long history of providing removals to anywhere in London and the UK. For us, it’s all about giving our customers the very best service at every stage of their move. Our team will handle your belongings with the utmost care and attention.

There’ll still be plenty of things to attend to as you prepare and work towards the moving day. But you’ll have us to liaise with and provide tips and suggestions. No matter how far into the process you are, we’re here to help and give you some valuable pointers and reminders. We’ll make everything falls into place when you reach your new location.

Our National Home Removals Service –

We tell everyone who contacts us for the first time that no two moves are the same. After an initial assessment, we’ll go through your options, including a free quote with our suggestion. The typical determination is three beds or more falls into our Home Removals package. We have a fleet of removal’s vehicles available, making it possible to accept any relocation request.

The next thing to do is work out if you need any additional services to attach to your removal package. It all depends on your situation, and what the reason for relocating is. If you’re moving because of your job, it’s not always a case of transporting everything at the same time. Some people send their possessions first and keep things in storage, especially overseas relocations.

Once we have a better idea of the complete picture, we’ll plan it in detail and discuss each part of the move with you. Gentleman & A Van has a network of partner companies we can liaise with for long-distance moves. This gives us access to depots across the UK in strategic positions, which is ideal if an overnight stopover is necessary. There’s no better set-up for national relocations than working with us.

Man & Van for Long-Distance Moves –

Most people will associate a man and van removal service with local relocations in London. However, that’s not always the case, and we’ll review everything on the information at hand. It’s all about providing an efficient and cost-effective service, which doesn’t come as a one-size-fits-all deal. Sometimes that means a smaller vehicle is the most suitable choice.

This is especially true if either location has restrictions that prevent larger vans from performing the job. We’ll find things more accessible to park and unload in densely populated areas with a man and van vehicle. Some rural moves are also more straightforward with smaller vans. Our assessment team weighs up factors up before suggesting a service.

Our Man & Van package charges by the hour instead of a flat day rate, meaning you only pay for what you use. This service comes with two expert movers on hand to do the gritty work. We can use a man with a van service for household and business customers. And we’re happy to accept last-minute jobs if you have an emergency.

European and International Relocations –

The first thing to note here is that most overseas moves are still on hold due to travel restrictions in the UK. However, due to the nature and complexity of moving abroad, it’s always worth starting the process now. You’ll have plenty to do, and we can pencil a removal service wherever possible and move dates around. Once travel restrictions lift gradually, we’ll start being fully operational for European relocations.

When the time comes, the Gentleman & A Van team will do much more than turn up on the day on time. It takes months of preparation work, and we’ll assist you at every step of the way. This often includes prompts to ensure you’re ready and haven’t forgotten things like informing your gas and electricity provider. We’ll remind you to check the visa and other regulations as well.

We undertake European moves to any major city or town on the continent and have done so for years. International relocations outside of the EU are a bit different and require us to liaise with a shipping company. We’ll assist with arranging shipping and relevant documentation, which can be tricky to navigate. We look forward to helping more people start a new life abroad soon.

Storage Options to Secure Your Belongings –

We touched on this earlier and will revisit it because of the important role storage plays for specific long-distance relocations. Let’s go into a bit more detail about the typical scenarios where someone would need to store their possessions while moving. It centres around national and international moves and how storage can be beneficial.

For some people, their relocating because of business, and it’s not always clear how permanent the relocation will be. Sometimes, things don’t work out, and people leave some of their possessions back home, just in case. Then there’s the nature of these types of overseas removals jobs where it’s more complex, and storage is necessary to safeguard during transitional periods.

What we’re suggesting isn’t an exact science of set-in-stone concept, and it doesn’t reflect every long-distance relocation. However, we hope this highlights the options at your disposal if you find yourself in this situation. And there’s always a backup plan for all eventualities, regardless of whether it’s a more localised relocation. The main thing to remember is you always have us in your corner.

Leading with Excellent Customer Service –

There’s one route to a winning removal formula, and that’s to choose excellent customer service. It’s the driving force behind every reputable provider, and Gentleman & A Van has this at the heart of everything we do. The reasons are two-fold because it benefits us as well. Our customers receive the service they deserve. We then benefit from having returning customers or positive referrals.

You can check up on any prospective service provider before using them, and we encourage you to do so. Search for them on Google, and their ratings will be visible next to their contact and website information. There’s also Trustpilot and Facebook, and other rating platforms if you want to dig a little deeper. Please remember to read the available customer testimonials because this will give you more insight into the service you can expect to receive.

Gentleman & A Van is proud to highlight our five-star ratings and customer reviews. It gives us a sense of achievement and that we’re hitting our quality targets. This doesn’t mean we’re complacent – we constantly strive to evaluate and improve wherever possible. You’ll have confidence you’re in safe hands, and we’re fully accountable for the service we deliver.

Gentleman & A Van – High-Quality Long-Distance Relocations –

There’s undoubtedly more work involved for long-distance relocations. However, with enough planning and the right removal provider, it can be a positive experience. We’re here to guide you through the choppy waters to reach your new home without any undue stress. And we’ll give you suggestions to make sure you don’t forget any critical tasks.

Customer service is a priority to us, and it influences every package we create and services we provide. Through a combination of thorough assessment and preparation that we deliver on our promises. It all starts with an evaluation and a free quote, which we send without any pressure to book with us. Someone will always be available to discuss things in more detail if you have any further questions.

Long-distance relocations are a breeze when you work with Gentleman & A Van – click here to request a free quote or to discuss our range of services.