Never underestimate a handshake

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Handshaking was practiced in Ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC, and over the years became a customary way of showing that one had no weapons when meeting another person. This also gave rise to tipping one’s hat – or in the old days, removing one’s metal helmet that was part of a suit of armour – thus indicating trust that the person being met wouldn’t lop off your head.


We’re happy to report that swords have been banned at Gentleman & a Van meetings for at least six months now, but we do still believe in the honesty bestowed by a simple handshake. Shaking hands used to be a way of sealing a deal without cumbersome paperwork and the expense of having a lawyer draw up a formal contract. In the day and age of computers and printers a little more formality is required, but we will still ‘shake on it’ to indicate our commitment and agreement.


At Gentleman & a Van we value manners and tradition. There are a few home removal companies in London who could do with a lesson in this. All our staff are well-presented and mannered. Top hats are voluntary, but we still take pride in our appearance. And when we make an agreement we stick to it. We feel this approach makes us one of the best removals companies in London.


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