Moving to Southwest London 

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As a broad swathe of London, the Southwest includes many different boroughs and postcodes.  Including those at the heart of the city, like Westminster, Kensington, and Chelsea, all the way out to Streatham in the South.   There are many different boroughs within this category, in this article we will focus on four of them to get a broad overview. From the iconic chimes of Big Ben in Westminster to the wild deer roaming in Richmond Park, there are many different outlooks all from a London address. 

Transport Links 

Southwest train service, whose Thameside London node is Waterloo Station branches across the boroughs of Southwest London on its way out to Weymouth, Bristol and Windsor.  Intersections like Clapham Junction mean the centre is in easy reach from the greener outskirts like Wimbledon, Twickenham, and Richmond.  As many boroughs enjoy proximity to the Thames there is also the option of taking the Uberboat into London from Putney, Wandsworth, and Chelsea closer into the city. For Southwest cycle routes heading for more rural destinations, Putney is also a good starting point.  Obviously, the ubiquitous London Underground has got the subterranean map covered.  For the furthest reaches like Kingston, there are a lot of connections from Kingston bus station.

Kensington and Chelsea 

Closest to the heart of the city and adorned with the Thames and Royal parks this borough is one of the classiest in the metropolis.  A haven for the rich and famous throughout time this small but regal borough is the location of Kensington Palace.  Notting Hill, Kensington, South Kensington, Chelsea, and Knightsbridge comprise its areas, making it a dynamic and affluent place to live steeped in culture and history. Home to museums, galleries, and embassies it contains many very expensive residencies.  If you are planning to move into this sought-after zone, you can check out the guidelines of the borough here.


Further out in Zone 3 of the Underground Map is Ealing, the Queen of the Suburbs.  Originally named thus in 1902, Ealing straddled the city and the countryside, abundant with green spaces.  Today, though much more developed Ealing is home to a plethora of parks and schools, making it a popular residence for families.  With the advent of the Crossrail from Ealing Broadway, Acton Mainline, West Ealing, Hanwell and Southall there are many locations in the borough to catch this fast train into town.  Ealing town centre has been recently refurbished and contains many high street classic stores, restaurants, and cafes. Santa Maria’s flagship restaurant hails from Ealing, arguably the origin of London’s best pizza.  In addition to leafy suburban life Ealing hosts several festivals in iconic Walpole Park. Ealing is generally regarded as being in West London but we feel it close enough, and has the feeling of South West London!

Richmond Upon Thames

As boroughs go, Richmond Upon Thames is even greener than Ealing being approximately half green open space. With Richmond ParkKew GardensBushy Park and Old Deer Park within its borders, it also is home to Hampton Court PalaceTwickenham Stadium and the WWT London Wetlands Centre.  It is the only borough in London to be on both sides of the Thames.  With such stately environs it is no surprise it has some of the highest house prices in outer London.   A 20-minute journey from Richmond station will get you to Waterloo, or a 30-minute underground journey to St James Park. Replete with its own culture, cinemas, galleries, theatres and botanical gardens, it’s riverside aesthetic is the finest of West London.  Richmond is one of the safest London boroughs. 


The London borough of Wandsworth includes Balham, Putney, Tooting, Wandsworth Town and Battersea.  With part of the borough in Inner London, and close to the river in Battersea it can offer some central locations.  The detached Victorian properties of Balham and the riverside apartments in Battersea are perhaps the most expensive.  Tooting, Earlsfield and Roehampton are cheaper in comparison but further out of the city.   Popular with families because of the green spaces of Wandsworth Common, Putney Heath, Tooting Common and Battersea Park, it is also heralded as another very safe borough.  With a multicultural melting pot in newly gentrified Tooting, there is a lot of different cuisines on offer and shopping opportunities. Tooting Bec Lido is the largest freshwater swimming pool in the UK and is a haven for cold water swimmers.  With Clapham Junction station as a transport axis, and a new Northern Line link at Battersea, there are ways in and out of the city. 

Average house prices in Southwest London Boroughs this year

  • Kensington and Chelsea £2,306,465
  • Richmond Upon Thames £1,037,236
  • Hammersmith and Fulham £1,044,340
  • Wandsworth £855,660
  • Ealing £805,743
  • Kingston Upon Thames £796,171

House prices within London Boroughs 

As each borough is comprised of different areas, with scales of cost within, it is better to look in detail within each borough to find an accurate estimate for the type of property you are in search of. For example, the difference between a riverside Battersea location and one in Roehampton will be significant, despite both being in the borough of Wandsworth.  Also researching the council tax rate for each area will be important as  you investigate where in Southwest London will be best in the long run.  One of the cheapest areas is Streatham, with an average house price of £418,569. Streatham lies within the borders of Wandsworth and the borough of Lambeth. 

Gentleman & a Van in London 

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Moving to Southwest London 

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