Moving to a New House with Your Pets

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Moving home can be an exciting prospect, which means you might already be thinking about how to decorate the lounge or dreaming of summer evenings on a pleasant outdoor deck area. Before you get carried away, there’s the small matter of planning the relocation, and they all require plenty of planning and things to take care of.

Any parent will attest to how difficult it is moving with kids. However, relocating with a pet has more restrictions than any other domestic move. At Gentleman & A Van, we cater to every type of relocation you can think of, whether it’s in London or further afield. We can help you relocate with your pet and provide useful tips to ensure you and your adorable companion have a successful move.

Moving to a New Home with a Pet is Difficult –

Moving to a new house or apartment with any pet adds another layer of complexity to how you prepare. If you’re buying the property, it’s more straightforward and won’t require you to consider any limitations, unless you have an animal with specific requirements. However, it’s a different story altogether for renters, who will find many hurdles to jump over before finding a suitable property.

It’s an axiom that most landlords and housing agencies don’t accept any pets if the owner’s furniture is in use. Sometimes cats are allowed, but dogs tend to be thought of as a liability for any potential damages. This is somewhat unfair as you will be paying a damage deposit, but this is the reality you’ll face when you start your housing search.

Our first piece of advice is to use the internet for your research. Most property websites and other platforms allow you to use filter options, which will save you a lot of time and potential headaches. Narrow your filter options down to pet-friendly, unfurnished properties by the specific area you’re interested in. You can always try and speak directly to the homeowner to see if they’ll take a chance on you if you find somewhere you like.

The best thing about the internet are how easy it is to find items when you have a particular need to satisfy. Conversely, there’s so much information available it often becomes a slog if you don’t narrow things down a touch. There are even some niche pet-friendly rental platforms like Lets with Pets who dedicate themselves to matching pet owners with suitable rentals.

General Tips for Moving Home with Pets –

This section will discuss some of the main points you should be mindful of on the actual day of your move. It’s possibly the most stressful time for your pet, and you’ll need to prepare for this as an individual event which coincides with the actual boxes, furniture and appliances part of the relocation. The last thing you want is to try and look after an anxious animal at the same time. This is a brief set of steps, and we encourage you to find more online as well.

On the moving day, you’ll need to put your cat, dog, bird (or whatever your choice is an animal companion is) in a relatively empty room. Preferably, empty this several days before the relocation, so your pet’s scent is present. This will help them relax and also keep them out of the way of the movers. Furthermore, remember to put their feeding bowls and some toys to keep them entertained.

Next up is to prepare for how you’ll physically be relocating your pet. For cat’s, you must use a carrier because they don’t travel well and it’s a legal requirement. The last thing you need is Felix to lose his temper halfway down the M25. Dog’s will need a harness with measures to prevent them from jumping around your car. Please remember – don’t use your car boot unless you have an estate or 4×4 with a secure cage.

You’ll need to have lots of treats and water at hand for the journey. It’s crucial you hydrate them often, and factor in toilet and exercise breaks for long trips. While a car journey might be uncomfortable for you, it can be a sensory overload for an animal. They will need space and time to relax wherever it’s safe to do so.

When you arrive, your pet will need to adjust to their new surroundings. This will involve scenting and sniffing, which all helps them settle in. Another thing to be mindful of – accidents will happen, try to avoid being harsh if they pee or poo inside. They’ll eventually understand where their new toilet is, once they familiarise themselves with the inside and outside of your new home.

You must update their identification. If your animal has a chip, contact your service provider, and give them your new location and details. Similarly, update their tags with your address and contact details. And if you have a dog, take them for a walk to get to know your new neighbourhood while our movers unpack everything.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental Property in London –

As we discussed briefly, you can narrow down your property search with a filter for places which welcome people and their pets. This also works for finding other essential things you want, like the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Before you delve into your online detective work, make sure you list your criteria of wants and needs.

It’s not just about finding somewhere that will accept your loving companion, although this is our primary focus. You’ll need to think carefully about the type of building you rent because it must tick all, or most of the boxes for you. An upstairs flat might sound ideal until your downstairs neighbour complains about the noise levels little paws of chirping birds inevitably make.

The area you choose is also going to make your pet’s life happier, especially if lots of other similarly minded people live there. You’ll need lots of green spaces for walks or a public park for a dog, whereas cats are likely to enjoy anywhere they can roam free. A back garden is a must for dogs as they enjoy relaxing outside and will likely become irritated if they’re indoors too much.

Creating a Moving Checklist to Reduce Stress –

Moving to a new house throws up a lot of challenges; some we expect, others seem to appear out of nowhere. It’s a tricky balancing act because you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy at home and work. And you can’t take a holiday from both to organise your relocation. It’s no wonder we lose focus as we battle to keep on top of everything.

This is why mistakes happen. We get caught up in other things which need our attention, while we let the moving tasks slide to the next day, then every other day. Then, we end up forgetting something important, only to realise at the last moment. Hopefully, it’s not too late to rectify any issues, but this all adds to the stress levels, which tend to be high enough during a move.

We give this advice to everyone we discuss relocations with. Creating a moving checklist will keep you on course. To provide you with an idea of what one looks like, you can click here to read our list. You can also draft your own from scratch or by using an online template, which is easy to find. Then, you’ll be able to modify the information to match your situation.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to consider downloading a home inventory app for your phone. By doing this, you can catalogue your possessions and file them in separate folders with images. We tend to advise doing everything per room, which helps when you begin unpacking. We’re confident that creating a moving checklist and using a home inventory app will lead to a successful relocation.

Our Range of Removals and Storage Services –

At Gentleman & A Van, we know the steps between a successful relocation and how to get there. By looking at things from this reverse perspective, it’s clear why cutting corners or skipping something might cause issues. For us, the preparation stage of any relocation is where the correct course for your relocation happens. By setting a solid foundation of planning here, everything should fall into place naturally.

Every removal inquiry undergoes the same stringent assessment process before we suggest a removals package. Regardless of whether you’re moving from a two-bed flat or a multi-level office, we begin by understanding the exact specifications of your relocation. For homes with three bedrooms and more, we usually suggest our Home Removals package. Anything below that, typically one- or two-bedroom apartments, tends to favour our Man & Van service.

In addition to domestic moves, we work with businesses of all types and sizes in London. On any given day, we might be performing a full-office relocation for a thousand or more employees. The next might see us moving a start-up enterprise or a small business with less than ten staff members.

We have storage options to suit any individual or business needs exactly, suitable for any length of stay. Gentleman & A Van also has our very own online store, where you can buy the same high-quality packing materials we use on every job. You can enjoy the same industry-level boxes and packaging the professionals have without leaving the house.

Why Excellence is Our Standard Level of Service –

At Gentleman & A Van, we do things differently than most removals companies in London. Our priority is to understand what packages our customers actually need, to ensure we give them the service they deserve. This took us plenty of time to perfect, and we’re always gaining more experience with every new relocation.

For us, complete customer satisfaction is what we aim for every day we open the doors of our branch. It’s only possible to achieve this with lots of planning and assessment on our part. Ultimately, success doesn’t happen by chance in our industry; it’s earned with hard work and no room for complacency.

We’re now a proud member of the Master Removers Group because of our dedication to customer service. Every company within this elite network of removal and storage providers has a flawless reputation. And it’s essential to be the best service providers in their respective area. This helps us give the best service delivery for long-distance relocations. And we have access to storage depots all over the UK due to our membership.

Gentleman & A Van London – Your Pet-Friendly Removals Company –

Your upcoming relocation might be causing you some anxious moments, especially if you’re struggling to find a suitable place. It’s never easy to move, even more so when every decision requires permission for your pet. That’s why Gentleman & A Van strives to pass on any useful information to help ease any problems you face.

While there’s lots of preparation and research to undertake, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect place in London. Online search filters are invaluable tools and will save you time. Before you know it, you and your pet will be settling into the ideal home after a successful relocation.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly removals company, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free quotation and give you some tips for moving with pets.