Moving Tips

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At Gentleman And A Van, we like to help you pass as much knowledge as we can to you, to help make your next home removal as smooth as possible, and reduce your moving costs.

Here, we offer a few ideas that you can implement before we arrive, to help you help us.

Decluttering – really makes sense

Take a long hard look at what you really need to take to your new home, and what is past its usefulness.

Disposing items has a number of advantages – it gets rid of clutter, you might be able to make some money from selling some of it, and having less to move will reduce your removal charge.

Labelling And Floor Plans

Clearly label particularly large items, boxes and any other items you pack yourself.

You may find it useful to draw a floor ploan of your new house, label the rooms, and have your boxes and posessions labeled accordingly.  This will save you having to direct our Gentlemen to different rooms as they unload the van, and will ensure the items get to the correct rooms in your new house.

Cartons And Packing Materials

We strongly reccomend you have a look at our Box Shop, and purchase any materials you need from there.  second hand wine cartons and supermarket boxes can be a recipe for disaster, and ultimately take our Gentlemen longer to do the move, costing you more money.

Other things to note; don’t use very large boxes that are difficult to carry, dont overload boxes and ensure any fragile items are well secured in strong boxes.


Our best advice here, is to pay a little more money, and get our team of professionals to pack for you by taking advantage of our packing service.  This will save you time and drastically cut down on the risk of damage.  If you do decide to pack yourself, start as early as is practical, and ask us at Gentleman And A Van if there is anything you are unsure of.

If you are looking at making a move in the near future, and would like more info about how we can help, call us on 0208 874 4283, or email us on