The Definitive Moving House Checklist 2023

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There are phases to preparing for a big home move. At Gentleman & a Van, we advise our customers to approach their move in various stages. The key is to keep advancing with plenty of time on hand before packing.  Depending on how involved you want to be in your moving house process, here we outline all the important details you will want to be crossing off your list one by one as the day approaches.   We can handle the packing on your behalf if you wish to make use of our packing and unpacking services. Our teams are familiar with working with interior designers and so your space can be fully assembled prior to your move.  If you want to have a personal touch to the process, we can supply you with packing materials, and ensure all the contents of your home are delivered to the correct rooms.  

Moving House administration tasks 

Taking care of the admin in advance can lighten the load when it comes to moving house. Here’s a list of changes to make in advance in relation to your change of address and correspondence. 

  • Notify your bank and building society of your forthcoming move and new address.
  • Notify your insurance providers of your new address.  House insurance, car insurance, medical and pet insurance as well as any roadside recovery services. 
  • If you are leaving your local area, you may need to register in advance for services like doctors and dentists. Researching local networks online should help you get specific recommendations and relevant information. 
  • Notify your local council regarding council tax and in your new area. 
  • The Royal Mail re-direction service can make sure you will catch any straggling correspondence and keep things moving smoothly.  It is a £36 investment, and you can apply 6 months in advance or 6 months after your change of residence. 

Moving house practical tasks 

We recommend starting this process well in advance of your moving day, as often there is never enough time for repurposing, recycling, and donating items.  In order to stay ahead of the game, begin decluttering well in advance and then when you are nearer the time, get ready for the next phase of packing. 

  • Declutter your home. Reduce the amount of stuff you will move with
  • Locate your local recycling centre and explore your options for recycling.
  • Local charity furniture collection services.  Many charities will come and collect any donations you will put aside for them if you book an appointment in time. Look for the Salvation Army or the British Heart Foundation in your local area.
  • Packing materials.  Organise your packing materials in advance, so that you have everything ready in advance.  We supply packing materials prior to your moving date so you are encouraged to pack in advance. 

Finding a reputable removals and storage firm 

Assigning the right team to task will be fruitful in the long run when it comes to a major life transition.  At Gentleman & a Van we take removals and storage in London to the next level with our bespoke service. Having a solid arrangement in place with the professionals will mean that you stay on track even if Life issues you some curve balls mid-move.  As members of the British Association of Removers and the Master Removers Group we stand on a bedrock of quality standards that help this industry evolve.  We recommend looking for these standards when researching your options and reading our customer reviews. Insurance and quality vehicles fitted for the task are important aspects to consider.  Once you have a booking in place you will have a moving house timeline and checklist and you will be supported by the removals team right through the process. 

Moving house packing procedure 

Post declutter and possession purge you can consider the best way to pack and prepare for the advent of life in your new home.  If you have a floor plan, it will be helpful to measure your furniture in advance to see if it will fit in the new spaces, and through the doorways.  We always recommend packing room by room and with a clear labelling and inventory system.  If you are ordering furniture for the new house, be aware sometimes delivery delays can hold up the process.  Have a backup plan for any essential pieces which may not be there immediately. When you are ready to pack, resist the temptation to begin all rooms simultaneously, but pack room by room. Read our in-depth packing guide and follow these basic points. 

  • Assign packing materials to each room and pack room by room. 
  • Pack a survival box (see below) for when you arrive at the new location. 
  • Pack houseplants carefully for transit.
  • Label all boxes according to contents and room.
  • Unpack room by room.

Moving house survival box 

At Gentleman & a Van we don’t promote the idea that moving day is somehow akin to the apocalypse. For us, it is another opportunity to serve our loyal customer base.  However, the survival box is a useful strategy for a stress-free move.   Consider this box has everything you need to set up on the other side and that it travels with you to the new residence.   Items often found in such a box are:

  • Phone chargers, battery packs 
  • Medications 
  • Tea/Coffee/Milk/Biscuits
  • Kettle and a toaster 
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning products 
  • Basic DIY kit 
  • Speaker/radio 
  • Bedding and towels for each family member
  • Cutlery for each family member 
  • Cups and plates for each family member 
  • Washbags for everyone 
  • Champagne 
  • Essential toys 
  • Pet food and bowls
  • Moving folder with pen and paper

Final stages moving house checklist 

At this point in the process, it is worth crossing these off your list. You will want to be in touch with your energy providers and water suppliers both in your new location and to cease your contract at the previous home.  

  • Set up utilities and internet at your new location in advance.
  • Take meter readings at both properties as you leave one and set up in the other. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the new parking restrictions and apply for residents permits.
  • Organise end-of-tenancy cleaning or any work you may need to do to ensure a full refund of your deposit. 
  • Familiarise yourself with local takeaways or supermarkets in your new area so you have plans in place for the first few meals. 

Gentleman & a Van – top-tier removals and storage in London 

Storage can be so handy if you are planning some refurbishment work on your new home, or if you need to move in gradually.  We have different storage packages depending on how often you need to access your storage.  Over the years we have developed our affiliations with interior designers and auction houses, as we specialize in handling valuable items and antiques.  While we can provide basic services such as storage and removals, we are able to deliver them with elegance and efficiency that can translate to any bespoke situation.  We recommend you get in touch to talk over your specific removal situation with our skilled team or get a free quote online.  Our team knows how important a life move can be and are skilled at offering practical, physical, and emotional support.  This is why we have created this checklist so you can approach moving day with equanimity and get everything done on your side in your stride. Leave the rest to us and we can guarantee you full peace of mind.