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If you run an ambitious small business or organisation in London, at some point, you may find yourself in the logistically troublesome situation of needing to move to new premises. You may plan to take on the move yourself, with your employees doing the lifting and heavy work. Or you may plan to employ the services of non-specialist movers.

In a small business, we understand there is a keen focus on cost, but choosing either of these options may introduce unnecessary risk to your London office move. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about the differences in quality between a DIY office relocation and entrusting a professional moving company.

The Key to a Stress-Free Office Relocation –

Although incredibly exciting for the most part, relocating a business can be more stressful than moving home. That’s because your company cannot usually just be unplugged, put in a box, and taped down! There are many more aspects to consider for office and commercial relocations, in addition to storage where relevant.

It’s essential to create and adhere to a strategy throughout the move, including the preparation stages. Additionally, you’ll need to include how to pack up and continue to operate during the upheaval of moving. Not only that, but you’ll also need prompts and tips on updating your suppliers and clients. Now the realities for relocating should be hitting home.

This applies to self-moves as well, if not even more so, because you won’t have a professional moving company overseeing everything. The first thing to do is list every part of the relocation and assign tasks. It’s possible to make a DIY move successful, but you must spend a lot of effort in the preparation stages and avoid cutting corners.

How to Choose a Moving Company –

Whether you’re a small company moving office to another part of London or a larger corporation moving across the country, Gentleman & A Van has the expertise and resources to help you plan and implement an effective office move. Thus, ensuring business continuity for you, your staff, and your organisation. We have the suitable packages and strategic experience to oversee the entire relocation, from start to finish.

Our services include:

  • Consultation and planning.
  • Delivery of small boxes for personal effects.
  • Larger boxes and wrapping for all your IT equipment.
  • Assistance with packing.
  • Smooth delivery of your goods throughout London and the UK.
  • Unpacking all items to the right places in your new office.
  • Removal and secure destruction of old files and furniture.

By working with Gentleman & A Van, it’s possible to hand over most, if not all, of the responsibilities to us. We’ll assign a move manager to act as the lead person to organise and oversee the relocation. Before anything happens, we’ll create a specific plan of action for this office removals service. This is the level of service you get from a reputable moving company.

Reasons to be Cautious of DIY Office Relocations –

Our team are available to guide you on all aspects of relocations, from planning and logistics to labelling and furniture installation. Gentleman & A Van also offers self storage packages if you need somewhere secure for your office furniture and equipment during the relocation process. We’ll go into more detail about storage later in this article.

We’re making a point about what you can and cannot achieve if you try and perform the relocation yourself. When it comes to professionality and service delivery, you won’t get this level of assistance when doing it yourself. That’s why it pays to be cautious before trying to take on too much but also weigh up every possible route. Calculate this correctly and include things like your own time. Downtime costs, and you need your accounting department to price it fully.

A DIY move tends to add at least one day to the move as standard, and that’s without any delays or issues. Various factors are at play, such as unsuitable vehicles, a lack of thorough planning or strategy, and unforeseen problems. Not to mention the potential issues with insurance policies if they won’t cover you without using a professional moving company. Please check with your insurance broker soon to confirm their terms and conditions.

An Ability to Scale for Small and Larger Moves –

Choosing the right office removals company to take on your move is a crucial element of being fully operational in your new office on time, on budget and with everything in the right place. It costs nothing to consult an expert to get an idea of costs, and you may be surprised at the value we can offer. Moreover, you’ll have the figures at hand as well as a good idea about our removal’s services.

We can manage the whole office move for you or add value to your existing plan of attack. Not only that, but we also have a fleet of vehicles to suit any relocation, no matter how big or small your company is. This means scaling up when necessary to accommodate larger enterprises. Gentleman & A Van works with multinational corporations and small businesses alike in South West London and the surrounding areas.

We also have specific strategies for every size of company and business sector and have a wealth of experience to tap into. We have experts available when it comes to more specialist things like IT migration and installing sensitive electronics. You’ll be able to delegate everything to us while you get on with the other pressing tasks.

Self Storage when Staggering Business Removals –

There are situations where an office relocation needs to be staggered across a longer period. Typically, this is when an operation needs to continue with little or no delays. An example would be a factory with a production line run by a company with a high output of goods. So, you need to take things offline gradually and with a plan of how to inform your clients.

If your business falls into this category, the best option is to use self storage. It makes it possible to inventory and keep valuable items safe and secure. Not only that, but you’ll also have us handling and packing your furniture, equipment and other items at a professional standard. Furthermore, this tends to line up with most business insurance coverage. A reminder to always check coverage as they tend to have clauses for self-packing and moving.

We can then move your items from the storage unit directly to your new location on the moving day. There’s no need to worry about the process because we’ll take the lead at every stage of your relocation. Our aim at Gentleman & A Van is to give you enough confidence we are handling your move. This will free you up to take on the other parts of your relocation.

Gentleman & A Van – The Highest Level of Business Removals in South West London –

Gentleman & A Van works with hundreds of companies every year, providing them with a range of business services. We understand how challenging it can be to run an enterprise in the capital, especially when it’s necessary to maintain a sustainable cash flow. That’s why we put ourselves in your shoes, and we know it’s all about a balance of trading and the subsequent relocation.

It’s possible to reduce downtime and enjoy excellent customer service without sacrificing anything to receive these benefits. But it’s worth costing all options to see what suits your budget and needs. One thing’s for sure – you’ll get excellent service delivery with us. We have a team of experts in removals, and their number one priority is to make your next move stress-free and successful.

The Gentleman & A Van team are the right choice for your next office relocation. Click here to request a free quote or to discuss our business packages in more detail.