Removals & storage for Interior designers in London

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Interior designers in London work closely with property enhancement for sales and marketing.  In a city as dynamic and innovative as London, many industries interconnect in mutually beneficial ways.  Gentleman and a Van have built up a client base of designers who find our services compatible with their trade and professional code. Whether they work designing commercially for stage sets, window dressing, or private clients, we can be an auxiliary wing for their enterprise. We work with award-winning international designers who have a client base for whom quality service is imperative.

How we can assist Interior Designers

One of our most essential services for interior designers is our Man & Van package. Alongside the stylish vehicle for collection and delivery will be two team members to perform the manual labour as well as to drive.  Our team’s knowledge of the roads, parking restrictions, and potential traffic is second to none, as London really is our hometown.   As well as excellent service, it is an economically sound choice as you can pay by the hour in accordance with the requirements of the work.  We train our team to be experts at handling rare, valuable, and collectible items.   Plus, our top-of-the-range vehicles can be an elegant addition to your operation.  Luxury designers like Katherine Pooley have a team of over 40 designers working on projects and appreciate our service when it comes to organizing, staging, and removing installations. 

Why invest in a vehicle? 

With London’s ever-tightening traffic restrictions and the ULEZ, one can really wonder if it is worth the investment.  Parking tickets and fines can’t count as business expenses! However, hiring our Man and Van package is a great investment and a bona fide expense. Reducing overheads really helps, particularly in an expensive city like London.  Lots of designers may have various needs for various jobs, so using the Gentleman and Van removal or Man and Van means a tailor-made vehicle for each engagement. Similarly, by using a storage unit, instead of rented premises, overheads can be dramatically reduced.  As we have Gentleman and a Van storage throughout London, it makes it very easy to connect our transportation packages with our storage options. 

Storage as an entrepreneurial asset 

In these changing times, old format premises are not necessary. A storage unit can be a great place to store materials, tools, and goods.  Some of our clients work from our storage facilities, finding them to be a flexible alternative to renting an office or commercial space.  They appreciate the ability to grow their enterprise without crippling outgoings.  When the time comes that they need more space, they can always take on an additional unit to increase their setup.  With a fleet of vehicles on hand for transportation, it is an incredibly convenient way to take care of the basics and focus on developing designer flair and flourish.  With high-value props and artwork at your disposal, it is important to know that they are stored in temperature-controlled conditions with excellent security.  As part of our service, we can guarantee that will be the case. 

Interior design and property sales in London

Interior designers are often connected with the sale and move into new properties. Firstly, through home staging, where designers prepare homes for photography and viewings. Enhancing the saleability of homes and increasing their market value is the main benefit of home staging.  Many people opt for this service to avoid their property stagnating and depreciating on the housing market.  Secondly, interior designers are often first through the door to prepare homes and premises for usage.  With new office premises, they will set the innovative tone for what is to come.  As catalysts to assist sales, and to establish new workspaces they assist the property industry.  In turn, we can be on hand to assist them, with the Designers Package of our services.  Clients like Helen Green design specialize in luxury multi-layered elegant interiors and rely on us to provide a suitable elegant service. 

Our Fivefold Interior Design Service 

• We can store all your items prior to installation and deliver them to the installation

• Allocate and field deliveries to the appropriate storage facilities. 

• Provide an on-line inventory service so you have a handy overview of your unit’s contents. 

• Long or short-term storage of items.

• Delivery and unwrapping of items to your installation, set up, and removal of packaging. 

Insurance and Assurance

Gentleman and A Van stand on a bedrock of assured guarantee.  As members of the BAR we are required to meet rigorous standards of excellence every year.  We are also part of a network of top-tier removal companies across the globe.  The Master Removers Group is an alliance of different companies that support each other through sharing resources and leading-edge equipment and vehicles.  With these two pillars of excellence covered, we take our customer service to the next level.  Read our reviews here to see how we are innovating the removals trade in London. You can be assured we can be trusted with valuable items which may be on loan and require a trained eye to appreciate.  We can arrange cover for your items under our own insurance policy. In short, we have you covered in a multitude of ways.  Why not have the assurance and insurance that comes with quality bespoke service? 

Our range of services 

For any removal query, including assisting interior designers, we can offer a range of services.  An experienced surveyor will consider the situation in hand and provide a quotation for your needs.  Adding to that they will be able to suggest where money could be saved through using a particular service and storage facility.  Our Box Shop has an excellent range of packing materials that anticipates your needs.  We can deliver packaging prior to any removal and take it away at the other end.  If you want a full packing and unpacking service, we can do that.  Alternatively, if you want us to keep a low-profile during delivery and removals, we have those skills of discretion.  For tricky London parking situations, we can arrange parking suspensions and deal with all the intricacies of the various Boroughs.  We can offer you discounts when you utilize both delivery and storage facilities.  Finally, our team is primed for excellent customer support, and they work well together. We never use agency workers as we pride our customer service on our intelligent teamwork. 

Gentleman and a Van in London

Fulfilling the original vision of Gentleman and a Van has been a pleasure in the city of London. Providing unrivaled levels of service with a personal touch has been our ethos since day one. Over the past two decades, our company has excelled in raising the bar within the removals trade.  We are proud to be affiliated with interior designers, and galleries and to forge cultural connections within the metropolis.  With a flexible approach and a desire to innovate, we look forward to expanding our portfolio of interior designers and other small businesses in London.  Regardless of your trade, we are always looking forward to collaborating and offering our services.  To find out more we can be found here, where we are happy to speak on the telephone. Alternatively, you can generate an instant quote and then get in touch to discuss it in more detail.