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Investing in your property before you sell may seem counterproductive when many purchasers have their own renovation ideas to unleash once the keys are exchanged.   However, to get the most profit from your home and ease of sale, many invest in an interior design makeover.  The design and finish of your home will affect the estate agent’s evaluation of your property, and how it looks visually when viewed online is a huge factor. Plus, many people are looking for a place that is ready to live in and requires no renovation.  Outdated elements easily drag on the eye and diminish interest. In a digital world, homes are viewed remotely, so it is very important that the photographs can communicate a sense of lifestyle and possibility.  Capturing the play of natural light along with versatile use of space is going to invite someone to consider your home as their next level lifestyle opportunity. Interior designers can stage a home for sale, even while you are still living in it. 



Spaciousness is a very important quality in showcasing a home. Interior design techniques and colour palettes can exemplify the spaciousness and placement of items and furniture can create an aesthetic of value and worth in a place. Lighter, brighter rooms with a coherent design theme give a sense of openness and inspiration.  Functionality is essential within a space, particularly as many people work from home. A space must suggest functionality and efficiency whilst also being a place to find inspiration, relax and entertain.  Lighting is a very effective way of denoting different areas of functionality in an open-plan space.  Hiding clutter and concealing objects in designated storage areas eliminates the sense of the personal in an area, which adds to the aesthetic appeal and greater versatility.  Interior designers specialize in curating areas for specific purposes but with a very light touch, open to different possible interpretations. 


Designers will consider your location in order to appeal to a specific market, this will help you get the best price for your property. London has different areas that appeal to different sectors, and so depending on your location you can pitch your redesign to the top of that market. By predicting who your buyer may be, you can redesign with appealing factors that will be attractive to them, whilst retaining an aesthetic neutrality that could be universally stylish.  If you can’t go for a full redesign, upgrading the bathrooms and kitchen can make a huge difference.   A stylish bathroom that resembles a hotel gives a sense of instant value and luxury.


Attention to detail goes a long way when it comes to actual viewings. Lighting and all related fixtures like light switches and plug sockets say a lot about a property.  Even if you do a basic renovation on the paintwork, you can accent that freshness with classy fixtures.  Door handles, blinds, and fitted curtains all contribute to a coherent impact on a buyer.  Switching up your showers for power showers with glass enclosures will light up your bathroom in prospective buyers’ minds. Providing a sense of a well-finished interior gives the impression that the buyer can move in and start living, without having to engage in unanticipated renovations.  So often, when you have been living in a house for a long time, you can’t see the wood for the trees. It is hard to see where to make changes or to recognize which elements are bringing down the spec of your home.  Fresh eyes with a sense of the market for your particular property will be able to work wonders on your home to boost your online appearance. 


Spring is when the housing market has a surge after the slow Christmas and winter period, houses go back on the market and activity stirs. Autumn also is a time when things move a little again before the dormant winter period and Summer can be a good time to have your home on the market as it is when the gardens look their best.  Staging your photographs so they highlight the best times of day for light in your home is important. Having a house on the market for a long period of time can decrease its value, so it is important to time your approach to the market well.  Being prepared in advance with a new interior will make all the difference when optimizing your window for sale. Similarly, you will be able to reach your highest target price and have a smooth sale if you get all your paperwork prepared at this point as well.  Sales fall through due to delays in the process, so use this time to get prepared to safeguard a simple sale process.  As removals and storage experts, we know that a good strategy involves being prepared in advance, so we advise all our customers to approach a house move with this attitude. 


As London’s top-tier removals and storage company, we work with interior designers in different ways.  Designers stage houses for sale for photographic shoots and viewings.  We work with designers delivering items to the location, staging the installation and hanging artwork, as our team is incredibly skilled with handling valuables.  We have a designers package that allows designers to focus on the design and orders and we fulfill the delivery, and installation and guarantee a professional service.  Clients like Helen Green rely on us to provide an elegant service alongside her multi-layered luxury interiors.  We can provide long or short-term storage for delivered items, or for furniture which is removed from the property for the home staging process. Fortunately, our thorough inventory system means it is easy to track all items and our designers and customers can manage their items remotely through our team. 


Originally set up to provide quality bespoke removals and storage, Gentleman & a Van go the extra mile to assist different entrepreneurial trades in the city.  With an expanding storage hub in London, we can offer various storage packages for our customers in both Wimbledon and Battersea. Our removals team is adept at any size of move, from domestic to office moves and overseas transportation. In addition, we have a Box Shop which can deliver all your packaging needs to you prior to your move, and we can take them away again once you are on the other side. Check out our customer reviews to see why we have built up such a loyal following over the last two decades. If you are planning to get your home on the market and renovate prior to photography and viewing, our Man and Van and storage services could help you declutter and transform your home in no time.  Get in touch with us to discuss options and possibilities, or to get a free quote.  London Using Removal and Storage Companies to Make Your Business More Flexiblew What is the secret of Clapham’s ever increasing appeal?