Gentleman and a Van want to help you cut down Removal Costs

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De-clutter your home. Removal quotes are generally based on volume, so the more you take with you the more you’ll pay. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used something in the last two years it’s unlikely you’ll do so in future, so now’s the time to be out with the old! Before heading down to the recycling yard, you might have neighbours who would appreciate your left-overs, or why not get involved at a local car-boot sale. You never know, you may partly cover your moving costs.

Book as early as you can. Late bookings can cost more (though not with Gentleman & a Van), especially with unscrupulous home removals companies, as they know you’ve got less room for manoeuvre. So make sure you book your move in plenty of time. TOP TIP: Avoid Fridays, particularly before a Bank Holiday, as these tend to be the most expensive days (again, not with us!).

Compare quotes. Get three quotes from removal firms but don’t obsess about getting the cheapest price – would you want to entrust your worldly possessions to the company offering the cheapest deal? Focus on the company that offers the best service and that has a good reputation- you can check online reviews for this and make sure you use one that is a member of a Trade Association, as they will be insured for your contents and abide by their strict code of practice.

Storage. If you cannot move into your new home straight away, it may be necessary to put some of your furniture into storage for a short time. Again, make sure you hunt around for different quotes. Always use the company that you feel most comfortable with and find out if insurance is included. The average quote for storing furniture from a three-bedroom house is around £100 per fortnight and around £650 for three months in London. In other cities this is likely to be a lot less. Gentleman & a Van offer very reasonable rates on London home removal storage facilities, so do get in touch if you would like to run through the available options.


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