Garden design in London 

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The fusion of hard landscaping, architectural structures, water features, and plant design has led to exquisite innovations in garden design, for even very compact spaces.  With a growing emphasis on green spaces within the city, valued for carbon offsetting and aligning the sense of well-being and relaxation, gardens play a key role in the overall impact of a property.  Multiple-use gardens that can remain elegant and low maintenance over time, themed with any period details of the property are increasingly sought after, and there are many designers in London that can provide innovation to greatly upgrade an uninspiring garden plot. 

5 garden designers that can innovate your London property

Including award-winning designers, this summary can give insight into where garden design can take your exterior space.  Plus, you will get ideas and inspiration from their portfolios that you could use to plan your ideal garden space.   Nowadays, a garden design may include a new garden building and plans for optimizing your storage and maximizing space.  Function and aesthetics are the equation most designers will use to tailor a garden that is particularly right for you.  When planning and designing your own template, consider how you will increase functionality in your garden while increasing and enhancing the aesthetic feel of it. 

1. Charlotte Rowe 

Charlotte Rowe is an award-winning garden designer that has a team that works internationally, in London and the countryside. With a West London studio, their landscape design places an emphasis on strong architectural lines and good planting technique. 

¨Our philosophy is that gardens should reflect the taste and needs of the owner and mirror the interior spaces. The structure should be simple but stylish have good ‘bones’.¨ Her portfolio demonstrates many pleasing contemporary lines and edges amidst classic horticultural details and abundant striking plants. 

2. Rosemary Coldstream

Rosemary Coldstream specializes in small gardens, emphasizing details to expand space. Using perspective and focal points as well as lighting accents, space can be transformed by adding luxury elements and dramatic features.  Transforming roof gardens and podium landscapes, they also specialize in placing gardens over subterranean extensions.  Rosemary Coldstream was a gold medal winner at the Hampton Court RHS Garden and her portfolio covers all the bases you can dream of. 

3. Belderbos Landscapes 

Belderbos Landscapes is a family business that has a reputation for installing and maintaining quality high-end gardens.  Providing design services and all that may entail, they can also offer a one-off planting service.  With an extensive portfolio, they maintain and design commercial spaces as well as all kinds of gardens, in the city and countryside. With several show gardens at the RHS gardening shows in Chelsea and Hampton Court they have many angles of this developing trade well covered.  Their website showcases many aspects of the whole garden design industry and the extent of their work from homes to schools. 

4. Kate Gould 

Kate Gould is another award-winning designer whose diverse team brings together a healthy dose of plantaholism with beauty and function.  Emphasis is on innovation and bold, boundary-pushing designs. Working closely with clients to bring together this creative impulse with their own vision, the process evolves through various stages from initial consultation to initiating the building process.  Technical plans will include layouts, planting plans and lighting details, which will then be the basis for quotes from either the team or another party.  For examples of Kate Gould show gardens and private client gardens, check out their portfolio. 

5. Living Gardens 

Living Gardens are award-winning designers focused on North London homes and families.  Specialising in creating beautiful, low-maintenance gardens which are child friendly, they can help expand your parameters of what is possible in any town garden.  Ranging from secret gardens to arts and crafts gardens, they have an excellent range of possibilities ranging from traditional to contemporary in style.  When light and space are at a premium in the heart of London, they will work with scale and balance to craft a bespoke design through their consultation and planning service.  They offer a garden makeover service, as well as planting services, and can provide you with full project management if required.  Testimonials from their clients are available here. 

Making space to develop a city garden 

Once you have a vision in place for your garden, you may need to clear away existing structures or obstructing aspects of the current garden. It seems to have been a tradition for garden sheds and garages to become repositories for the abandoned and forgotten remnants of life. There should be an adult scout badge for decluttering an old shed. Things get tricky when equipment is still useful but rarely used. However, once you know what equipment you need to keep for functionality in your garden, you can build it into your design plan. If you are harbouring other items such as cars, motorbikes, or large pieces of equipment you may want to consider moving them along or taking on external storage space to fully ensure their value is preserved while you expand your garden’s potential.  Gentleman & a Van provide state-of-the-art storage space for garden design companies to use for their own storage equipment and materials. The same services are available for our domestic customers. 

Gentleman & a Van – Bespoke storage services in London 

With storage facilities in Wimbledon, Battersea, and Chessington, Gentleman & a Van can offer a wide range of storage options to our London customer base. Self-storage and container storage are both available plus we have a  unit-size calculator on our website. In London we operate our storage with a secure access pin code system so you can access your unit between 7am and 9pm, seven days a week. With 24-hour CCTV, we can even insure the contents of your container if required. In addition, our Man and Van services are always available to hire for delivery and pick up of your goods for storage.  We work with interior designers who choose to use our tailor-made services, relying on the professional training of the Gentleman & a Van team to set up their installations in London properties and shows. 

Gentleman & a Van – innovative removal and storage in London 

Our affiliations with the interior and garden design industry are the fruit of our flexible approach to innovating the removal and storage trade in the UK.  Founded to provide top-tier service within the industry, our reputation and flexible approach allow us to work with entrepreneurs and designers that appreciate our services. While we develop our support of these industries in the city, we extend the same professional service to every home removal job we perform and the storage services we provide.  For quality service, from our Box Shop to our removals team and Man and Van you can be assured you will have the signature Gentleman & a Van experience. Our loyal customer base continues to grow in the city, as you can see from our reviews.  Whether you need to make more space for a garden makeover or are planning to move house and would like to put the experts at the helm, get in touch today to talk to our team.