Eco Homes in London 

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With the energy crisis making efficiency in the home and for the long haul a priority, eco homes are no longer associated with only the wealthy, eccentric, and unshaven.  The term has expanded to refer to different sustainable assets a home may have.  It may refer to a home that has been specifically built to sustainable architecture standards, using materials whose carbon emissions are balanced out in the process and the running of the home.  An example of this would be a house built to the Passivhaus standard.  Alternatively, it could be a Victorian-period home retrofitted with energy-efficient appliances and features.  Where homes are listed for sale, they may qualify as eco-homes because they are energy efficient to run.  For example, they may have an A or a B Energy Performance Certificate rating.   Many London houses qualify for the listing of eco homes, but this can mean different things as this article demonstrates.  Nevertheless, at the forefront of this growing market are some excellent and innovative designs, as showcased here, shaping the aspiration curve of London’s housing design market. 


Although it sounds like a music genre, it is actually a classification of a home that is built to certain sustainable standards.  These standards ensure that the building makes the most of light available light, in the form of solar gains.  Ensuring the home is an airtight thermal envelope protects against heat loss and increases energy efficiency. Heat recovery ventilation is a feature, as are high levels of insulation, all through the walls and including high-quality windows and doors.  While the design entails a 75% reduction in energy bills it also infers an 80% reduction in carbon emissions.  Include a renewable energy source into the design of your building and you will have a carbon-positive eco home.  If you are super inspired to understand, or even build your own from scratch, the guidelines are freely available.  Architype, a London architectural firm specializes in designs that are based on Passivhaus and go the extra electric mile.  

Carbon footprint and housing

Reducing emissions from residential areas is one of the most important ways new climate goals can be reached. Estimates suggest that it is our residential areas that consume 30% of global energy and contribute to 20% of global carbon emissions.  The construction industry, with its rapid growth and unsustainable consumption habits, will be curtailed by directives that insist on a 6% reduction of emissions each year.  This, coupled with the growing interest in energy-efficient homes, is changing the way new build homes in London are designed and constructed.  Electricity, insulation, and electric car charging points, all are common features in new residential estates.   As electricity can be generated by renewable sources, it can become the carbon-neutral form of power that runs houses.  The government grants which aim to make low-income homes more energy efficient all focus on installing heat pumps as renewable energy sources in the homes. Once homes are able to generate renewable energy, this can also be sold back to the grid.  If you have a home that is balancing the consumption of energy with the generation of energy, this can be considered a carbon-zero or even carbon-positive home. 

Low carbon and circular economy

Rishi Sunak intends a quick transition for Londoners into a low carbon and circular economy.  Central to this idea is moving away from a linear approach to resources, where resources are extracted, utilized and then disposed of.  New industries which will arise around the recycling and repurposing of resources, plus new technologies which focus on sustainable and renewable resources will develop the employment sector.  Shared economies and new markets will emerge from the necessity of taking action during this time of climate change and increased city pollution.   By reducing carbon emissions in the construction of your home and in the long run, by using renewable energy sources you can contribute to that transformation.  In addition, if you are renting and cannot make such changes, you can always balance out your carbon footprint by sponsoring rewilding projects and planting some more trees to generate oxygen to cancel out your carbon dioxide quota.  It’s a time of change in London, but a change for the better.  The 8.4 million trees of the city work hard to balance out all the traffic and building emissions, so bring on the urban rooftop forests! 

New eco-home residential developments in London 

Sustainable architecture and energy efficiency have been taken up by large corporations in London, with some excellent results.  While the residential sector faces the challenge of retro- fitting period housing, there are examples of residential developments in London which are already established or set to be completed.  In the centre of the city, eco homes are likely to be one-off affairs, nestled in amongst the other London residences.  Further out of the centre, you can find developments where you can live in a sustainable housing development in Barking, or in Sutton in Bed Zed, the UK’s first sustainable eco village.  You can read about the process of building and living in this project here.  A key feature of emerging eco architecture, particularly larger developments is the inclusion of mixed-use areas.  Places that are for residents, but also include places for working, learning, and recreation. The recent re-developments of Battersea power station and its surrounding areas are a great example of mixed-use design, that incorporates a holistic lifestyle that Londoners will appreciate in days to come.  Looking further afield outside of the city you can find beautiful country eco houses on the market right now, for comparison. 

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