Declutter Your Home This Winter

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Spring cleaning – why just in the spring? Talking in the office today, we decided it would be much better to have an “Autumn Clean”.. Through the winter it would be much better to have a clean, clear and uncluttered house.

If you are a fan of the Autumn Clean, but are not sure what to do with all your belongings, why not consider storing it all in a safe, secure, purpose built storage facility.  As luck would have it, we at Gentleman And A Van not only have a safe, secure, purpose built storage facility to store your belongings,our team of Gentlemen can also pick it up from your house, and load your unit for you.. What could be easier?!

Our crew are very professional and are turned out to high standards in their brand new winter jackets. They’re ready, are you?!

If you would like to hear details of how we can help you store your excess clutter through the dark winter months, contact us either by calling  020 8874 4283, or by emailing us on

We look forward to hearing from you soon.