Why you might consider a Secure Storage Unit

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Access Self Storage, Advice | 0 comments

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. One of the ways that you can alleviate some of the upheaval is to utilise a secure storage unit during the moving process. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are buying or renting. Moving can be just as tiring for both types of relocation. As well as moving yourself and your loved ones your next main concern will be the safety and security of your prized possessions. This is where a good, safe secure storage unit becomes worthwhile.

Genltemen and a Van Secure Storage

Taking Away the Stress

By utilising a safe secure storage unit all of your possessions can be moved at your leisure. You can gradually begin the relocation process months before you actually move.

Things can be cleaned, packed and moved to your unit at your own pace. Most importantly they can be organised by you to ensure that when the unit is emptied and items relocated to your new home that they are moved in the correct order.

All you need to leave in your old home are vital, essential items that you simply can’t live without. We recommend the bed, sofa and TV. But this is obviously entirely up to you! These ‘must have’ possessions can be shipped on moving day. You can set them up straight away to ensure that your new house immediately feels like a home.

Make Sure You Get it Right

If you don’t utilise a secure storage unit you will quickly find your moving day turning into a nightmare.

Moving all of your life possessions in one day is a mammoth task. You will spend months tripping over stacks of paperwork, framed pictures, and the general bits and pieces that make up everyday life that you haven’t been able to find a proper place for yet in your new home.

We can almost guarantee that because you were rushed when moving in you will look around your home six months later and realise that you need to move all of your furniture around again in order to best make use of the available space.

Give Yourself More Time

A secure storage unit also has the advantage of allowing you to keep the majority of your possessions safe while you redecorate or renovate your new home.

Need to knock down a wall? Something need re-plastering? Hate the wallpaper in your new dining room? Fix it before you unpack. Otherwise it will turn into a job much bigger than it needs to be when your furniture and possessions are in situ.