How to Choose a Removal Company?

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Whether you are moving to the next door street, another city or even another country, choosing the right removal company can make all the difference when moving home.  Here are some useful things to consider when choosing the right company.


Do I need to use a removal company?

Never underestimate the amount of physical and mental organisation it takes to move the contents of your home.  Packing boxes is just the start but lugging boxes and furniture into and out of a van up and down stairs can be exhausting and extremely time consuming.  Using a removal company will take this burden off your shoulders and free you up to concentrate on all the other things associated in moving.  In the great scheme of things, removals is not the expensive part of moving home.


Do I need to get more than one quote?

It’s always sensible to get two or three quotes from professional removal companies well in advance of your completion date. Don’t just take price into account, look at what services the companies can offer and go with whom you feel comfortable.  At the end of the day, it is your prized personal possessions that are being moved and you need to use a company that you trust.


Should the company I choose be a member of a removal body?

Make sure the company you use is a fully paid up member of a removal body, such as, NGRS or BAR.  That way you know that the company is fully regulated and can be held accountable.  These organisations are dedicated to providing excellence in the removals industry for the benefit of both removals companies and their customers.


Look for recommendations.

Look at reviews online and listen out for referrals.  The best way of choosing the right firm is by hearing or reading about customers who have had first-hand experience of using them.  Never underestimate the power of word of mouth!


Should my move be insured?

Most removal companies will provide you with dedicated moving insurance against loss or breakages of your property whilst in transit.  Make sure this is the case before booking anything.  You may also want to contact your current home insurer to find out if your policy covers you whilst you are moving.


What questions should I ask a potential removal company?

How long will the move take, how many men will be used and what time will the men arrive?

Are the vehicles liveried?

Do you outsource any work or use temporary staff?

Will the quote be a fixed price quote or are there any extra hidden costs?

Will they organise the parking or is this my responsibility.  This is particularly important in London.

How long has the company been trading for and can they supply references?

Do they have an office or depot I can visit?


How should I prepare for my move?

Use the move as an opportunity to tidy up and throw things away.  There is no sense in paying to move things you’ll never use!

If you have opted for a packing service, get organised and don’t put all your possessions in a big heap.  Leave things in rooms so that the crew have room to work and can plan the loading efficiently.

Eat the contents of your freezer in the weeks before the move.

Separate out things you might need that night and always move precious jewellery, keys, passports and money yourselves.  These are not covered under movers insurance.

If you have a floorplan available, indicate the rooms where everything is going as this can be helpful for the movers.


What days of the week should I avoid moving home?

Understandably many people moving home opt to move over the weekend to minimise time off work.  This is also a premium time to move and prices will increase accordingly.  Try and avoid Fridays in busy moving periods as this is the most popular day to move.  Savings can be made by moving mid-week.


Should I pay in advance of the move?

Most companies will ask for payment up to 10 days in advance of the move.  This is normal in the industry and protects companies from last minute cancelations.  It is always worth checking their cancellation policy.


Remember it is not all about price.  Do your homework, ask the right questions and go with the company you feel most comfortable with and this should avoid any unnecessary stress on your move day!


Mark Godman


Gentleman & A Van