Assembling a High-Quality Home Office in South West London

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One of the notable shifts for businesses during the last few years has been remote working. It came about because of, and as a response to, the pandemic. But there’s a popular aspect that many people want to keep retain as an option. Even those who are desperate to get back to the office or workplace are beneficial to a variable working pattern.

Remote working increases the flexibility for anyone who would struggle to do a nine-to-five-hour position. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but that’s the beauty of individual choice and more options. This extends even further when you consider what type of office you might put together. And that’s what we’ll explore in more detail in this article.

A Home Office, Dressed to the Nines –

Rather than creating a budget office, you should consider the possibilities of raising the bar. If you’re looking for something more stylish, why not put your mark on it? The process is much the same; it’s the quality of the trappings that changes. You’re essentially dressing your office to impress, so really put some effort into researching premium furniture and appliances.

This can be in the décor side of things, and we would certainly suggest working with an interior designer expert for this. You’ll benefit from a professional overseeing the work, especially one with an eye for detail. They’ll help you understand and implement your vision, all with the ability to balance creativity and the hands-on side of things.

Now we’ll look into the practical side of setting up a home office. Who’s going to convert or build the new room? Do you have time for this, or would it be better to outsource? We’ll help you look at all angles in this article, and you’ll have a better idea of what steps to take next. We don’t profess to have all the answers, but this should work as a starting point.

Setting Up a Home Office Plan of Action –

Create a distraction-free workspace –. Distractions are often a complaint people who work remotely make. They can soon build up and cause delays in getting your work done. That’s why we’re suggesting you evaluate which room might be better to convert into an office. Alternatively, you can section off your lounge or bedroom with a portable divider for apartments.

Remove the TV and Consoles – Catching up with an episode of your favourite series or the news on your lunch hour is okay? Maybe a quick half hour on the Xbox or PS4 can’t hurt? In theory, yes, there’s no problem with doing this. That’s until you notice an hour goes by and you’re still not working. Repeat this every day, and you will lose several hours. Be brave and unplug the TV and consoles and move them out of sight.

Selling goods and services – If this applies to your venture, you’ll have to check if there’s a requirement to pay business rates. Read this helpful link to understand the regulations in detail.

Multi-purpose equipment – There’s plenty of clever ways to maximise the space in your home when you need to work there as well. You’ll find office furniture that can fold away to make sure it takes up less space. You don’t have to go cheap to do this – there are lots of premium computer tables and other items available if you do some online sleuthing.

Spoil yourself and go premium – This is your home office or study, so why not go all out and make this a high-quality project? Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to go the no-frills route and do something functional. However, this is part of your home and should reflect the other style and décor quality. Should you need any tips, we can refer you to a professional interior designer or IT expert for electronic equipment.

Create More Space with Self Storage –

At Gentleman & A Van, we have a lot of experience with setting up home offices. We frequently did this for customers during the pandemic. This was because of the restrictions in movement and the increase in remote working. We now have a good working knowledge of approaching this, giving us the upper hand when it comes to doing everything in the best order.

That’s why we suggest people move their belongings out of the way before any work begins. You’ll no doubt have space issues if you live in an apartment with less room to move around. To avoid this, using storage makes it possible to remove items to ensure they don’t get damaged during the room conversion.

Self storage is the most suitable service because this is a short-term exercise, and you might need to have access to your possessions. We can help you pack everything and transport it from your home to our storage facilities with our Man & Van package. Then you’ll have no issues starting the process of setting up your home office.

For business owners, there are our Business Storage packages. This range of storage services makes it possible to accommodate everyone’s requirements. This applies to domestic and business customers, and we have a variety of storage unit sizes for you to choose from. And should your circumstances change, we can always upgrade or downsize your storage unit accordingly.

Modifications and Your Property Value –

There’s something you should consider in detail before committing to this. A room conversion can affect your property’s value. Therefore, take the time to price things out and assess the potential outcome. Remember, you’re sacrificing an entire room for this project, which is usually a bedroom. And this is where the pre-valuation becomes crucial for this purpose.

We always advise working with experts when delivering a project of this significance. Enlisting a seasoned estate agent is an essential part of a successful room conversion. They’ll assess the impact on your property’s value before there are any boots on the ground. Then you can weigh up the pros and cons of how you create your office.

If you live in a listed building, you’ll need to put the brakes on and pause. Any slight modification requires official approval, and this might mean a limited version of your original plans. Contact your local council to see what their regulations are for listed properties to avoid any unfortunate issues at a later date.

There’s another option to consider if you run into any obstacles.  Building an extension will create a brand-new space. You’ll need to go through a similar planning permission process, but it’s unlikely to have the same level of restrictions as a listed building. We think it’s wise to bring a builder on board to help you draft a plan on construction before you submit your plans.

Using an Interior Designer for Style –

Our next tip is to work with an interior designer to improve results. Home staging is an increasingly popular technique for people selling up. And we think it adapts perfectly for anyone who’s putting together an office at home. It’s this top-tier level of interior design which showcases the best your property has to offer.

This process utilises things like natural light and tasteful furniture to accentuate the aesthetic appeal. How in-depth this goes will depend on the amount you’re happy spending on this room conversion. In most cases, this will increase the value of your home, which makes it worth costing out. And working with a professional interior designer will give you an amazing office or study.

Gentleman & A Van works with a dedicated interior designer when we have to perform high-end jobs. We know from experience what they bring to the table for both design and execution. They also move things along, and you’ll see timely progress. Just like a successful relocation, it takes skill and thorough preparation to make sure everything gets done on time and to a higher standard.

Leave the Set-Up to the Professionals –

You could do all this yourself, but as you’ll no doubt see, there’s a lot of work involved. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to see why most don’t take this project on. To those brave souls who embrace this level of DIY – we salute you. We do encourage anyone going this route to think this over and make sure you’re ready before you begin.

Finding time is possibly the trickiest part of creating an office at home. If you’re thinking of doing it, chances are, you already have somewhere you can convert. The problem consists of lots of ideas with little time to implement them. Everyone could do with an extra day per week for things like this, and that’s why they often get assistance.

We believe this is a job for the professionals. Gentleman & A Van understand how to plan and assemble a home office or study. Our team knows the basics and where to source materials and furniture from. Then we liaise with our interior designer contacts to ensure there’s a higher standard of quality. 

By working with us, you’ll have industry experts with superior handling skills. We don’t just deliver a good standard of work – excellence is the standard at Gentleman & A Van. Our team will put together an office to be proud of, and you’ll never want to go back to the office again.

Gentleman & A Van – A Home Office with a Difference –

When it comes to designing an office or study, there’s no such thing as a standardised method or type of workspace. It will help if you read up online, but don’t let it taint any original ideas. This is something you’ll be working on a lot, so go all out if that’s what you want. Make this a project which exudes your taste and style.

Then let Gentleman & A Van take on the labour-intensive stuff for you. We’ll work with you to oversee the development and discuss any ideas before we begin. You’ll have a removal van for all collections of furniture, electronics and materials. And we have a range of adaptable services, making it possible to perform home office conversions.

If you’re want to have your very own premium home office, please contact us today. We have the right experts and services to complete the job to the highest standard.