A Removals Service for Every Situation in South West London

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Gentleman & A Van was set up in 2004 and from the very first day onwards we’ve been moving people throughout the capital and beyond, but with a particular focus on SW London, which is where we started out and where many of our facilities, including our Wimbledon self-storage units, are still located. We’re not just there for standard A to B house moves. Our customers come back to us again and again because we can devise any kind of move for any kind of purpose.

Gentleman & A Van for Better Moving Experiences

The whole reason we came into existence was because of a reaction to sub-standard moving practices. Our founder, Mark Godman, suffered an appallingly mishandled moving experience in the early 2000s, despite taking the job to one of the prominent, well-respected moving companies of its era. It was a disillusioning ordeal, but it also prompted him to start thinking about how removals companies could be better. And rather than wait for a good moving company to come into existence, he decided to do it himself. Gentleman & A Van was born, with one of its guiding principles being that movers should treat clients’ homes and belongings as if they were their own. Enhanced customer service has remained one of our focal points over the subsequent two decades.

Every Kind of Moving Job is Accepted at Gentleman & A Van

There’s no such thing as a too-small, too-large or too-complicated move. Most house-moves use our Home Removals service. This can be tailored to includes whichever elements you find most useful, such as our full packing/unpacking service that really takes the strain out of moving day. If you choose packing/unpacking, we’ll also remove unwanted boxes and packing materials before we leave you and we can also ensure full furniture and appliance placement, so that everything is not only unpacked but also put in the right place in the right room.

Smaller South West London Moves with Gentleman & A Van

Did we say no job too small? We meant it. Our Man and Van service has a whole raft of uses. If you’re moving between a flat or a studio (or even a bedsit or shared accommodation), then it’s the best possible way of accomplishing it. We use smaller vehicles so you don’t pay for lorry space you don’t need. It is brought to you with all the same stringent standards as our larger moving service. And even if you’re not moving, but simply need to get a bulky (or not bulky) item from one place to another, we’re ready to do it – whether it’s a painting, a piano, a grandfather clock or a chest of drawers. 

The Best Office Moves in South West London

Gentleman & A Van isn’t just at the ready for your South West London house or flat moves. If you’re a company, we’ve got everything in place for swift, efficient office moves that minimise your business’s down-time. We can schedule the move for evenings or weekends so that your work-flow isn’t interrupted and our expert movers include IT migration specialists who know how to dismantle and reassemble all your tech so that it’s fully functional from the moment you take residence in your new premises. Gentleman & A Van commercial moves are complemented by some of our other services, most notably our commercial storage facility. If you want to declutter and streamline at the same time as moving, we can store all your old documents and any surplus inventory.

Using Your Feedback for Better Customer Service

One of the very reasons we came into being was because our founder was burned by bad customer service. We’ve built ourselves around the principle that customer service should always exceed the customer’s expectations. One of the ways we stay on top of this is by reading your messages, your reviews and your feedback, as well as staying on top of our TrustPilot rating. Customers can see us in an objective light and so your thoughts and reactions are one of the most important implements we use to create a better and better service. 

South West London’s Finest Removals and Storage Company

In a crowded market, we strive to make Gentleman & A Van stand out, not only for the courtesy and vigour we bring to each job, but also through diligence and the degree to which we endeavour to accommodate customer requests, tailoring our approach to fit each individual job. Our membership of the Master Removers Group plugs us into a national network of moving experts with an international reach. Our greatest reward is the fact that our customers come back to us time and time again and also tell their friends. We’re looking forward to years and decades more of moving happy clients in South West London.