8 Inspirational garden centres in Southwest London

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Whether you are gardening a balcony, a colony of house plants, or a patch of terra firma, there is nothing like Spring to put the wind in your sails.  At Gentleman & a Van we understand the importance of gardening for wellbeing and enhancing your home life. Our Man and Van services assist landscaping teams with plant transplants. Interior or exterior design, the national passion for gardening perennially thrives in this leafy city. Here are 8 garden centres in Southwest London that can keep you furnished in plants, supplies and inspiration as we set sail into summer.


  1. Battersea Flower Station
  2. Neal’s Nurseries Wandsworth
  3. Morden Hall Garden Centre
  4. Petersham Nurseries in Richmond
  5. The Palm Centre in Ham
  6. The Chelsea Gardener
  7. Clifton Nurseries in Maida Vale
  8. W6 Garden Centre
  9. Gardening in Battersea with Thrive
  10. Gentleman & a Van in Battersea

Battersea Flower Station

Hugely popular, the award winning  Battersea Flower Station is a renovated railway strip of land that enchants the area with its biophilic atmosphere. Whether you need plants for indoors or balconies, or are looking for fruit trees, large pots, or simply inspiration. A wander amongst the greenhouses and plants will set you on your horticultural track. Dedicated staff who are also plant lovers will help you find the tools, seeds, hanging baskets, all you need to get more flowers blooming on your doorstep. They also supply compost, from 0 – 60 litre bags, as well as cards, gifts and floristry marvels. It’s a local treasure, say the residents of Battersea.

Neal’s Nurseries

Neal’s Nurseries has been keeping it real horticulturally since 1890. Found on the north corner of Wandsworth Common, this garden centre is an oasis in London. Rated as one of the 50 best garden centres in the UK by the Independent, it has everything you would expect from a garden centre, right down to garden furniture, barbeques, water features and pet treats.  With a handy car park  you will have 90 minutes of free parking to execute all your decisions and purchases, so you can head there for a real haul. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Morden Hall Garden Centre

The National Trust’s first garden centre, Morden Hall has a wide range of plants, trees, and roses all grown with sustainable peat-free soil.  For landscaping, they supply aggregate and stone and have a wide range of tools, hoses, and equipment. Plus, they deliver on orders over £200 to specific postcodes. From sundials to sunflowers, you can find everything here, as well as gifts for pets and budding gardeners-to-be.  You can also go for a rejuvenating walk in the old grounds of Morden Hall Park, visit the Potting Shed Café, savor the rose garden, and leaf through the second-hand bookshop.

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond

A garden nursery, afternoon tea shop, restaurant, and lifestyle shop can all be found at the bohemian chic Petersham Nursery in Richmond.  Here, fine Italian dining takes place amongst the plants in greenhouses, evoking surreal Victorian fantasy worlds.  While the focus has shifted into the restaurant and elaborate homewares, some with a vintage twist, there are still plants on sale in the nursery and everything cascades with Instagramesque  vogue. If you like the food you can also find it in Covent Garden as the Petersham plant genus branches out into other locations.

The Palm Centre in Ham

The Palm Centre is the premier UK nursery for hardy exotics. Well worth the trip to walk amongst this large congregation of tropical and exotic plants – all well maintained in a spacious environment. Close to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, you can tie the two into one trip. However, the Palm Centre is a dedicated nursery, without the frills, but with an awesome collection of both indoor and outdoor plants. If you are looking for banana plants, acers, olive trees and a wealth of indoor succulents prepare to be wowed.  A 4 acre nursery with parking set in the stately area of Ham near Richmond.

The Chelsea Gardener

Established in 1984 The Chelsea Gardener brought all the horticultural knowledge of the Fenwick family and their Essex nurseries into London, for those wanting to develop their urban green fingers.  They supply plants, tools, garden furniture, gifts, and decorations. Providing an in-house landscaping and planting service for their clients, they offer bespoke garden and lighting design. Located on Sydney Street, you can access their café from the shop or through the Farmers Market.

Clifton Nurseries in Maida Vale

In picturesque Maida Vale, amongst the romance of the canals is Clifton Nurseries, which dates back to 1851. A hidden oasis of verdancy, it is a horticulturalist’s paradise, even more radical for its city location.  With a hothouse, there’s no shortage of exoticism, a large perennial and shrub area, and ceramics on sale as well as all the usual garden shop suspects.  Obviously, there is a glasshouse café, so that you can take it all in with refreshments.  Garden design and landscaping services are also offered from this emporium of legendary gardening and garden products.

W6 Garden Centre

In the arches of Ravenscourt Park is the W6 Garden Centre, where they supply the surrounding area with bedding plants, as well as shrubs and herbaceous and perennial beauties. The botanical W6 Café has organic and vegan options, and their Green Room is a veritable indoor jungle of houseplants and everything you need for an interior ecosystem. Pots, feed, specialist advice, you can find it all here, probably way more than you bargained for.

Gardening in Battersea Park with Thrive

Gardening and plant cultivation have become recognised for supporting mental health and providing meaning to life.  The dopamine from watching baby plants grow up far outweighs simulated dopamine from a mobile phone. Thrive, a charity supporting mental health runs therapeutic gardening programmes in Battersea Park, where people with health, social or educational needs can participate in social horticulture.  There are four gardens in Battersea Park where this takes place, The Main Garden, the Herb Garden, the Winter Garden, and the Old English Garden.  You can volunteer in these programs and enjoy the wider horticultural world and its benefits, even if you don’t have a garden yourself.

Gentleman & a Van in Battersea

With Battersea as our centre of operations, we love helping our neighbourhood to become greener and more beautiful. Gentleman & a Van provides next-level removal and storage solutions to Southwest London. If you are moving to Battersea or around the area we can help you to save time with our specialist property services. Time you can spend figuring out your new garden plans or visiting some of these garden centres for inspiration.  If you need swift and easy transportation, our Man and Van services cannot be beaten. Or, if you need to free up some space to get a new garden vision off the ground, we have short-term and long term storage packages available. Read our reviews to see how our customers feel about our services. We are the flexible, bespoke, one-stop-shop in Battersea when it comes to home and office removals, storage solutions, and assisting small businesses.  Get in touch with our team today to discuss options and get a quote for your situation, large or small!