5 Interior design ideas to freshen up your home 

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With Spring comes a fresh wave of inspiration and the energy to make changes for the forthcoming year. After a season of hibernation, your interiors may have become somewhat familiar and restlessness is simmering on the back burner. In lieu of a holiday, you can make simple inexpensive changes to your home that will set you up for all that 2023 has to offer. Here are five ideas that you can use to set up a new template for the year, rejuvenating your home and sloughing off the skin of winter.  While DIY brings with it its own particular set of frustrations, it can be a great way to connect with your home and transform it to fit your new aspirations. These ideas are not too demanding and should be good weekend activities. 

1-Kitchen Backsplash

While fiddling around with a tile cutter is not on the easy end of the spectrum for amateur home improvers, transforming a backsplash has become relatively easy.  With the advent of high-quality heat and stain-resistant wallpapers designed for a kitchen backsplash, it’s a ruler, glue, and brush affair. As the market for this time-saving miracle has grown there is a range of stylish designs that can instantly change the personality and atmosphere of your kitchen. Remodelista has a range of ideas from the Netherlands, Good Housekeeping showcases 30 options and Etsy has a great variety of options.  Without the ardous investment of tiles, grout, and all the grit that goes with it, you can transform your kitchen rapidly.  If you need to remove the existing tiles to do this it can take a while, but then a future of easily changeable wallpapers lies ahead of you. 

2-Bathroom Statement Tiles 

If you save on the kitchen tiles, you may have the budget to do something more adventurous in your bathroom.  It’s on trend to max out the colour, shape or pattern in the bathroom these days. Statement tiles in the bathroom can set the tone for the whole space.  Scheming towels and bathroom colour with the new statement wall in the bathroom can create an overall theme that is punchy and invigorating.  With a lot of bold 70s-style tiles on the market, you can create an iconic look in an unexpected space.  You may wish to replace your taps in tune with your new look, in which case Victorian Plumbing is a place you can source all things bathroom.

3-Complementary colours 

Designers see decorating with complementary colours as a new seasonal outlook.  Pairing complementary colours across the colour wheel creates a sense of vibrancy in the scheme of a room.  If you are planning to freshen up a room with a new coat of paint, consider how to incorporate complentary colours in different accents of the space.  Orange and blue and green and pink are complementary pairs. While those colours may seem high saturation, you can always tone them down and go for pastel versions, also very fashionable this year.  It may take changing one wall into an accent wall and while you have the paint handy joining some of the furniture in the room into the colour scheme.  Accent cushions and throws can complete the look. Designers suggest bold and clashing patterns within a room, plus going for the deep warm natural colours of the 70s bohemian aesthetic.  Don’t hold back in your quest for a minature home revolution. 


Lighting really establishes the soul of a space.  Over-bleached LED light can drain a home of atmosphere and warmth.  Establishing different touches of warmth and strengths of light in your home can dramatically change your experience in it.  Finding lampshades and interesting lamps that can add character to your home can help distribute the light.  Illuminate dead corners to extend your sense of space.  Changing switches for dimmers can give you more atmospheric control. If you have an outdoor space, get ready for Spring and Summer with some outdoor solar lights to demarcate a seating and eating area. Looking out from the home to an illuminated garden space gives a sense of expansion, while the balmy summer nights are still a distant memory. 

5-Decluttering and finishing touches 

To get the energy flowing in the home for Spring, you may want to change the layout of furniture in each room.  This can reveal all kinds of hidden areas of clutter.  Decluttering is key to being able to unblock stagnant energy in the home. Having a seasonal purge of unnecessary items in the home is very healthy.  Perhaps you want to free up a room for another purpose, in which case it may be wise to have a temporary storage option. Reclaiming space in the home is an important part of changing the tired feeling it may have for you.  Once you have established the new template for the home, you can bring in extra touches like candles and flowers which always add a fresh dimension to a place.  Houseplants also bring the feeling of the outdoors indoors and give life to a place. With many options to choose from and a wide range of ceramic pots to choose from, you can easily blend your plants into your new Spring colour schemes.

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