4 ways to cut home removal costs

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When using a home removal company, many factors will affect the overall amount you pay. These may include the distance you’re moving, the time of year (though at Gentleman & A Van, our prices don’t change) and unsurprisingly, the amount of stuff you have to transport! But is there a way of doing this without getting rid of lots of things, especially ones still in use?

Luckily, you can enjoy a budget-friendly relocation without a mass exodus of your belongings. However, we will suggest some ways of decluttering for items you rarely or no longer use. Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid any unexpected and unwanted home removal costs.

Gentleman’s Four-Step Plan for Affordable Moves –

At Gentleman & A Van, we believe value works in two ways. The first is from us providing a valuable service that meets our customer’s requests. We do this by having a broad selection of removal and related packages. And wherever possible, allowing room for flexibility if there are specific needs. This might be for large or awkward pieces of furniture.

Our second value point comes from pricing and suggesting cost-saving measures. It makes sense to reduce the overall volume of things you’re moving with. Obviously not just for the sake of it, just when you weigh up whether you still use them or not. We’ll suggest ways of doing this to lower your costs and also free up some space.

There’s also our drive to promote fair prices while maintaining a high-quality service. We do this via efficiency and thorough assessment. You’ll receive the correct removal package for your needs, and it also helps us keep to our deadlines. And there’s no hidden fees or surprise additional charges to worry about. It’s all transparent and cost-effective.

One: Declutter Your Home –

Removal quotes are generally based on volume, so the more you take with you, the more you’ll pay. That’s why it’s essential to undertake a thorough declutter of your home and storage spaces. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used something in the last two years, it’s unlikely you’ll do so in future, so now’s the time to apply the phrase, ‘out with the old’!

Before heading down to the recycling yard, you might have neighbours who would appreciate your leftovers. Alternatively, why not get involved at a local car-boot sale? You never know, it might be possible to partly cover your moving costs by selling a few odds and ends.

You can also consider the three 3Rs before you make a final decision. Those are ‘recycle, repurpose and reuse’. Reusing something might be a moving box that’s still in good condition. Repurpose is when you try and utilise an object for another task. This could be an old ice cream tub for store food in. You can click here to find your closest recycling point in London for everything else.

Two: Book Your Move Early –

Book as early as you can. Late bookings can cost more (though not with Gentleman & A Van), especially with unscrupulous home removals companies, as they know you’ve got less room for manoeuvre. So, make sure you book your move in plenty of time. Our suggestion is to try and avoid Fridays, particularly before a bank holiday. This tends to be the busiest and most expensive day to relocate.

You can read a study that goes into more detail about the most popular days to move. The quieter days are Tuesday and Wednesday, and you might find discounts for off-season relocations. However, at Gentleman & A Van, we don’t have additional fees for busier times. We only mention it because we tend to book up for Friday moves.

Another thing to consider is ticking a task off your moving checklist. Furthermore, having a reliable moving company helps when organising. By working with Gentleman & A Van, we’ll be on-hand with prompts that will help you. Similarly, we’ll be here if you need to contact us.

Three: Compare Quotes –

Now we’re going to ponder the best way to plan and budget for your upcoming relocation. Get three quotes from removal firms but don’t obsess about getting a rock-bottom price. Would you want to entrust your worldly possessions to the company offering the cheapest deal?

Focus on the provider that offers the best service, and that has a good reputation- you can check online reviews for this and make sure you use one that is a member of a Trade Association, as they will be insured for your contents and abide by their strict code of practice.

Google Reviews and Trustpilot offer an insight into prospective companies before booking with them. Remember that businesses with mostly five-star ratings should be your focus. Also, read previous customer testimonials while you do this research. The Gentleman & A Van team are proud of our reputation, and you can read our reviews here. 

Four: Use Self Storage –

If you cannot move into your new home straight away, it may be necessary to put some of your furniture into storage for a short time. Again, make sure you hunt around for different quotes before signing up for anything. Additionally, remember to ask for details of each storage option on offer.

Always use the company that you feel most comfortable with and find out if insurance is included. The average quote for storing furniture from a three-bedroom house is around £100 per fortnight and about £650 for three months in London. In other cities, this is likely to be a lot less.

Gentleman & a Van offer very reasonable rates on London home removal storage facilities, so do get in touch if you would like to run through the available packages. We’ll provide you with a free quote and examples of what size storage unit you’ll need for your belongings.

Customer Service is Key –

How does one go about booking a move to receive excellent customer service? The simple answer is by reading online reviews for any possible removals company. This is a smart way of checking up on a business before parting with your money. It might sound daunting, and people tend to have an aversion to additional homework, but this is a relatively painless experience.

A customer gives a service provider a score out of five—one for abysmal and five for outstanding. And there are no guesses for where Gentleman & A Van sits on this scale. People also leave helpful reviews to give context to their rating, and Google Reviews, Trustpilot, and Facebook are notable platforms.

Gentleman & A Van enjoys lots of five-star reviews, leading to return clients who use us for other services or as regular partners. This is because of our exemplary service delivery, and we aim to go above and beyond on every booking. Furthermore, we have a quality protocols to give our customers an additional assurance of excellent customer service.

Gentleman & A Van – Good Value for Money in Southwest London – 

At Gentleman & A Van, we have a very transparent charging system with no hidden costs. We would be pleased to provide you with a quote for an individual job at an hourly rate or a fixed price.

Complete our online quote request, and we will be in touch within a couple of hours. For the whole house, flat, or office moves, one of our dedicated surveyors will visit your property to give you a tailored quote and, just as importantly, complete peace of mind.

Making a booking or requesting a free quote couldn’t be easier. Click here, and we’ll guide you through our assessment process, resulting in a no-obligation quote.