10 Best Moving House Songs 

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Now, the title is deceptive.  Are we talking about songs for moving house to, or the ten best emotionally transporting house tunes? The two need not be mutually exclusive, as we shall discover.  As removals experts in London, we appreciate the value of having a carefully curated playlist to accompany you all through the process.  Leaving one home for another is a monumental occasion, and often incorrectly mythologized as “one of the most stressful life events”. As experts in smoothing the process, we are happy to debunk this legend and have you singing and dancing all the way into your new address. 

Music and stress levels 

Researchers have found that listening to music can trigger measurable biochemical stress-reducing effects in people.  It’s something we all understand and use all the time for our own benefit.  Working out to music boost physical performance and motivation.  When cleaning and housekeeping, music provides rhythm and background for the task to become more pleasurable.  If this wasn’t true, explain to me why everyone is walking around with headphones in.  So, when it comes to packing up your possessions, decluttering, and cleaning, music is going to be your friend.   Stress builds up during a move when things are unaccounted for and then suddenly rear up at the last moment.  With a professional moving company, there will be no unseen surprises.  Leaving you to focus on making sure you are organized and in your own relaxed flow. 

Music for packing 

Packing can be simple, with our range of specialized boxes and materials. However, it is the decluttering and relocating of items that can add unseen time into the equation.  We can pack and organize your belongings for you as part of the move, or if you prefer to handle that yourself, we are happy to factor that in.  Nevertheless, in preparation for that day you will be sorting through stuff, and you will want to have some good music to accompany you.   Classical music and music without lyrics are generally known to help focus and concentration. The “Mozart Effect” is a theory that suggests that listening to Mozart enhances intelligence and focus.  Studies show that learning music composition can help overall with other learning abilities.  Similarly, studies related to memory and memory loss demonstrate larger capacities for retaining memory amongst those who have musical training.  However, when you are packing and organizing, it’s not cognitive leaps we are looking for, but sustained energy-giving music which makes the process more pleasurable.   The mundane aspects of unending cleaning and tidying can always be alleviated by a dynamic cinematic film score or spontaneous renditions of your favourite musical. 

From A – B on your journey 

Our top ten moving tunes are broken into two stages, as you will be transitioning from location A to location B.  The first 5 tracks are concerned with letting go of the past and moving on from A.  While you may have got Tangled up in Blue with nostalgia while packing, it’s time to let go and move on.  After that, Don’t look back in Anger, because there are new horizons on the cards.  Tracks 5 and beyond are moving into the transitional zone and setting the scene for a positive landing and life at point B.  In Chinese Feng Shui, how you arrive in your new home is important.  For instance, setting up a warm and hospitable environment is key to good luck in your new home.  So having the speakers packed in transit with you, and your tunes to hand will make it easy to feel Happy in your new place. 

Top Ten tracks for your Moving Playlist 

This classic track, in its original form by Ray Charles sets the tone for this inevitable moment in your Hero’s Quest. The time has come, the cords need to be cut. You have outgrown your shell, and this rhythmic tune is going to give you some musical pace to get the process moving.  

When the emotional upheaval of the move gets the better of you, turn and face the strange.  Memories and sentiments can be bewildering when letting go, but Bowie is a solid mentor in the seas of impermanence. 

Sometimes only guitars can express the necessary frustration needed to hit the road.  Let Chrissie Hynde inspire your ruthless decluttering.  The unacknowledged precursor to Marie Kondo, Hynde declared “Nothing goes in Storage” back in 1981. 

In case you weren’t convinced.  Generate some team spirit within your family or household, with this classic 60s anthem.  Revel in all the reasons you are pleased to leave. 

This ends the nostalgic part of the playlist, hopefully, you have cathartically laid your ghosts to rest.  The War on Drugs make a final point here, with Generation X sentimentality to vacuum up any lingering doubts. 

On the move, Steven’s classic song about leaving one place for another kindles hopes for the future.  Featuring vans, parking lots and love.  Let the epic wind section of this song blow positivity into your quest for a new life.  

During the unpacking process, make sure you stop for a cup of tea and watch this video.  It’s a key part of the Moving Strategy to take well-deserved breaks.  As a piece of English Heritage, this song will fill your new home will the necessary cheer to please all the Chinese feng shui gods. 

Crank the volume and get the beats moving.  The past is water under the bridge and it’s time to break free.   Additionally, the Primal Scream Moving on Up is guaranteed to get the light shining in your new home.  Searing guitars, gospel singers and a neo psychedelic twist, bring it on! 

If you haven’t transitioned over to the IZ version of this classic, this is the perfect moment.  Every home needs to be christened by this celestial Hawaiian troubadour.  Open the ceiling of location B to the heavenly aspirations of your dreams. 

Finally, we arrive home, in the truly moving House genre.  This 1987 classic has everything that House music gave to the world.  However, you are feeling at the end of the moving process this anthemic track celebrates your homecoming.  You made it to the Promised Land! Its time to open the bar and the dancefloor- amongst all the boxes! 

Gentleman and a Van 

Well, we have more than just a van, in truth a whole fleet of vehicles and storage solutions to make moving house an elegant affair. Whether it’s a home, office or general van situation, we are equipped to advise and assist.  Following our founder’s vision, to treat your home and possessions as if they were our own, we have established an excellent reputation with our customers. In addition our first-class service is guaranteed to be cost-effective, transparent, and complete with excellent communication.  Serving London and Surrey, we raise the removals bar and have excellent reviews to prove it.  Peace of mind in this process means you can focus on getting your playlist right and leaving the technical details of the move to us.  As a result, everyone can benefit from a stress-free move and an uplifting new start in your new location!  If you would like an initial quote for a removal or storage situation, use our quote generator on our website, or give us a call for a more in-depth discussion.